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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Colorless?

Not Dollars. Even though being inspired by them, The Colorless is a different kind of organisation. It is divided into two separate entities: The site and the community. The site is a discussion board focused on communication between members regarding neutral topics such as anime, PC/console games, art, design et cetera, as well as planning of projects under the banner of The Colorless. The community is decentralized and site-independent. There is no central planning of activites, members are to take initiative on their own in their local groups.

Why "Colorless"?

It is the descriptor used in the anime Durarara!! to describe the fictional gang Dollars. It means being unprejudiced, unbiased and indifferable from others.

How do I register?

You need to be invited by someone to be able to register. Once somebody invites you, you will get the invitation by e-mail. The e-mail will provide you with a unique link from which you will be able to set your username and password.


How do I start a thread?

Read the rules.

What are the thumbs up and down on the bottom of posts and what is their purpose?

By clicking on either, you can vote the specific post up or down. Troll, spam or useless posts should be voted down, while good, thoughtful posts should be voted up.

What are the main differences between the boards?

The topics. Moreover, only moderators can post on the Modboard. Threads from the Modboard and the Spam board do not show up on the front page or in the popular threads. On the Spam board, rule 3 does not apply.

How does the attachment thing work?

Upon choosing a file to upload, it will be automatically uploaded and the URL of the file inserted in the post area on a new line. Image URLs should always be on a new line.

Upon saving your post, all images uploaded while editing will be attached to that post. Later, when editing that post, you will see them in the Attachment area for further re-usage.

How can I format my posts?

You are highly recommended to read the guide to the Markdown syntax. Basic HTML does work, but Markdown is preferred.

As a difference to the default Markdown syntax, all URLs will be automatically linked and all image URLs and YouTube/Vimeo/NicoNico URLs shown as their embedded content.

How would I know if someone replied to my posts?

If the appropriate option is enabled in your settings, you will be e-mailed when somebody mentions your username using the @ sign.


How do I create my own chat room?

For creating chat rooms you don't need anything more than to edit the URL in the address bar. The default URL is /chat. To enter a new or existing different chat room, the URL should be /chat/channel/CHANNEL_NAME whereas CHANNEL_NAME is the name you want to dub your chat room.


How do I setup my profile?

Open your settings, and click the tab "Profile settings". You will see several fields to fill out. All of them are optional.

How do I setup my avatar?

Your avatar does not need to be uploaded to our site. We fetch a globally recognizable avatar using your encrypted e-mail address from the service called Gravatar. That's where you need to setup an account with the same e-mail you used here and upload the image to.

How can I invite somebody?

Your account needs to be at least 2 weeks old. Furthermore, you have only 5 invites to give per month. If you are a member longer than 2 weeks and still have invites for the month left, you can enter the invitee's e-mail on the invitations page.

Can I change my username?

You can shoot en e-mail to with a request to change your username. Include your current username and your desired new username. If the new one is not already taken, we will change it manually.

Can I change my e-mail?

Currently, you can't do that from the settings. E-mail from your old address and request it to be changed to a new specified address.


How should I tag my image uploads?

A guide will soon come up.

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