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TheColorless Mobile Site/App (Thread)

so yh is it possible to make a mobile colorless..not an app of course just a more mobile adapted page of colloreless good for touch screen phones and normal keypad phones

Ya I am with @freekidd, a mobile version is nice, like has been talked about in the thread about iphon/pod app. The mobile site would be best, easiest to reach the most members. Apps are kinda too one device oriented.

Actually an app for the colorless chat is good since it will lag the phone on there built ni interent browser and and might not support flash or adobe

Its pretty good, except for im having trouble in the chat part of the site.

I wonder what will happen if you go in the chat using your mobile phone......
and you would be like @_@

@Kenshn111 lawl it workz but it wont let me say anything. so basically all im able to do is watch the convo -_-

Hmmm flash is a problem, i know IPhone does not support it strait out. I also have a feeling that a lot of the non smart phones might not have it. The android phones are the only ones I know with good flash support, and it will get better with android 2.2 :P. That being said, i do not think the chat is in flash.

I can go on the chat with my ipod touch. Its slow kinda, but it still works

I tried using mobile with wifi in the chat it was ok. I was using operamini10.

But in some who dosent support om 10 u can use om5. But socket connection is needed for chat to auto update and it will cost alot if u dont have wifi. And when u post process.php appears but it is still posted

This site and chat work perfectly on my android phone.

Forums work pretty wel on the iPhone

The colorless should have a mobile page just like the dollars. There is at least one person in the colorless who gets in the site via mobile phone (me!!!!!!!, although it'san iPod touch!!!!). Better make one if there are more of them, ok?

I really wish there were a mobile version of Colorless. Especially since I want to check it during school hours... but my phone can't get too far on Colorless... Dx

me to,i have a itouch :D

I don't even have internet on my phone... but if i did, a mobile colorless would be pretty amazing!

How is there no internet service on your phone @BlkSheep? I thought every cell phone now had internet access...

A moblie version would be nice~ My phone can get on the website and everything but it's kind of hard to work with and I can't post anything (maybe it's my phone...) But I would definitely like mobile colorless~

@BohemianFallacy i mean i don't have any sort of internet browsing. I have AIM tho xD

@BlkSheep -
Even still, that's kind of weird. D:

I have no net access on my phone. Why? because I'm that poor. :)

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