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TheColorless Mobile Site/App (Thread) - Page 9

is opra really the best mobile browser to use because it blocks out the chat for me .... hella wack

@darkchaplain im new to this site im really not used to forms and i just recently found the search thing because im on my phone and its pretty hard to navigate on here acually thats why i posted it in the first place

best browser for CL = Chrome, since the whole site was developed to work in chrome.

Also, that you're new is no excuse, sadly. Everyone says they're new or didn't know, but actually, looking through the introduction threads and using brains would reduce the number of duplicate threads and mistakes of new people to a minimum.

I am accessing this from my PSP. =) Chat is buggy tho....Admins....any thoughts on a mobile site or chat...? I am only curious.

You are on the old site. New site is here:

The site has been updated on the 24th December 2011. Please go there when you are finished with the archives.

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