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AR family (Thread)

IF you want to join
please pm me :D

  1. Your gender - to avoid any yaoi or yuri couples

  2. Who you want to be related to


Family Picture xD
(raw edited)


Our family is made of :
Cainz: 1/3 zombie, 1/3 human 1/3 ghost
no-idea: alien
Break: Break, mad hatter
tsuki: kitsune
Zero: a camera XD
archcaell: demon lord
chibi koe: voice monster
Katsu: kitsune
deng: shapeshifter
Gray: wizard
Schizo: memory eraser
TanuTan: tanuki
SnowAngel: ...a .... snow… angel…
loki: trickster, The God of Mischief
shifter: Character changer
kurochan: 1/2 banshee, 1/4 human and 1/4 awesome
youBAKA: an awesome baka delinquent

me join

Maybe I will.



Just tell who you want to be related to ok?

oh another thread :D

new we abandon the old one?

yeah xD
your father suggested me to make another one to keep things organized^^

yeah I think so...
I will revive the thread if virgins are not safe again...btw help me to think for a appropriate name for this thread xD

Well, we nuked the AR thread... It had nothing to do with AR for like 10 pages straight... xD

anyway, kuro-chan, can you please add Gargon-sama at the very top, with no visible links to anyone? ((becouse he made this happen, means he's our respected creator xD ))

yeah lol! maybe because the raepist finally gave up!


@kuro owh okay.......

@deng hehe that's not a bad Idea

good Idea!
I should make that

Lets just hope he approves starts looking around

oh i see so this is our family thread

i agree with that idea :D

Should I post it here or shall we wait till he approves?

Oh wow. The family grew. XDD

I'll be stalking this thread later. Now going for a swim. :D

Post it!
Weather he approves or not, It's like that xD
If he doesn't approve you can always remove it. But I think he won't since he made this possible~~Right~~?

@Akra Jaa-nee~

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