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OMG my last button doesnt work and i got tired of trying to see who bumpped this so i'm doing this post

@TheZer0 Nope I got it too. It may be bc there are 1181 pages xD

Tadaimaaaa -sob sob- I miss you guys, I still remember the old time when we fought the rapist and kuro-chan formed this family, when we had zombies war in this 'unknown size' house, when we had a picnic in hell, destroying the house, when deng-san helping me with my homework, the food war, the cages, the desperate attempt to beat my son who's older than me, when uke-chan 2 become my master, when schizo-san and kuro-chan scolding me because I destroyed the house or fought with my son. I miss those moments and I always read them again and again, I don't know why I post this but seriously I miss you guys let's have a zombies war and destroy the house again!!!! -grins- I promise I'll treat the whole family an ice cream if we gather again!! -grins-

oh just gave a summary of all the posts that's here :3

Uke-chan 2!!!!! -glomps- I miss youuuu!!!

I know!! And that's because I'm awesome!! -grins-

/glomped/ .___.

super mega bump -__- OTL

/super mega ultra magnetic....bump/ .____.

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