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New? Introduce yourself here! (Thread)

We're getting so many new members every day... It's fantastic. T3T

So, if you're new, come here and tell us about yourself! We won't bite, promise~

Hahaha. Yeah shizuchan.. those \"new here!\" threads are getting many..

So~ I posted this at some thread and I'm gonna post it again!

Welcome newbies!! haha.


This is the place where rapists, slashers, stalkers, traps, revers traps, tsunderes, yanderes, kuuderes, pedobears, lolicons, shotacons, meganes, jailtraps, aliens, time travelers, espers, sliders, monkeys, ducks, cows, vampires, emos, hippies, GODS, angels, and absolutely random people meet!! haha.

Feel free to express yourself the way you want! :)

Just be yourself -- be COLORLESS. I'm glad I didn't make my own thread, roflmao.

Hi! I'm Augmentine, and I'm three days old (as of this account, desu~!) er, I'm 18...and I enjoy being yandere!~ moe moe. I love lolita-esque clothing, I was prolly supposed to be born in the Victorian era. ;D

I hang out in the chat mostly, that's where I get to meet and greet. See you there!

Warning; I'm crazier in the chat, crazier than that in person, and I'll do my best to keep you smiling. Colorless is a part of me now, as I am a part of it o/

I'll do my best!~

Why does that description also fit 4chan so well. ;_;

...because it's the only place we can be, shizuchan? XD

B-but... 4chan! Agh! My worst nightmares will come true if this becomes another 4chan! ;A;

Completely off-topic, but if this site gets halfway as bad as 4chan after more members have streamed in then I will run away screaming.


Hopefully the newcomers will all be nice, non-sick, educated people with no connection to 4chan whatsoever.

@tine; lmao. ARE YOU REALLY 3 DAYS OLD? Met you last week :P

@shizuchan: orly? It's not~

@shizuchan - AS LONG AS THEY STAY AWAY FROM /b/, we'll be fine.

@Kii: Yes, I am three days old. 8D I just started getting comfortable with people three days ago. ;D I've just been stalking you for a week!

Yeah... stay away from /b/, newcomers. Shouldn't be too hard, especially seeing the first rule of the internet is to not talk about /b/. :D

Wait... augmentine joined three days ago?

I must be going senile at a young age, because I could've sworn you've been here at least a couple weeks. @_@;;

@tine-chan; wahaha. so you weren't comfortable with us huh..

@shizuchan: yes, everyone must stay away from the horror that is, /b/.

technically, but I was too freaked out to actually do anything except post, because everyone here seems so close, seriously. I was like, \"oh my god. are they going to tell me to gtfo, because I don't know them as well?!\"

I was just posting everywhere to...get used to the atmosphere. xD

Plus I only really started to get into the chat at least three days ago.

@Kii - yes. <3 Haha, I know it seems unlikely, but I was. Everyone just seemed so tight-knit and close for a forum! But now I'm very glad to be here <3 it's so warm and inviting.

@tine-chan; hoho~ oh really now? just doesn't know what to say so leaves the job to the fingers hahaha. well, yeah.. I forgot when I joined hear btw.. XD

hahah. im member number: #863.XD

but im just going to start introducing myself now.. hahah. quite epic.XD

im yushina.. an izaya orihara fangirl (specially, shizaya/izuo.XD)! (proud.XD) i support yaoi. really. i admit it. i started printing out durarara's novel.XD the translated one of course. i can just buy the book but sadly i dunno where to buy it and if i find it though.. i dont think i could understand it much..since its written in kanji(?)..XD so i spend my time printing those goodness papers.XD i'm really waiting for a thing to drrr.. the spoiler and spoiler at spoiler.. haha. im just talking about durarara , aren't i?XD

anyways.. i listen to visual kei bands.. jpop, jrock.. or whatsoever. oh yeah, and all time low too..^^ i live in my own world.XD lol. i think far from reality.. maybe thats the effect of watching too much anime and reading too much manga.XD including fanfictions..

hmmm.. i'm a nice person.. but i think psycho-ish hahah.XD

maybe thats the reason i love izaya and shizuo..XD

i just bought an otakuzine with a durarara review.. dammit.. even if its short.. i still love it!!XD

@Kii: yeah. XD

@Yushina: welcome too <3<3~~ lol, living in your own world isn't so bad :D That's why we write, ne? ;D It's also a hobby of mine...o/

One of the things I put on my list is to write about a 'Colorless' world.

@yushina: heh?! then what about me?? lmao. I watch as much animes as Konata but I remain in this world. lmao. XD (Actually pretty noisy irl when you know me) but, hey, I think psycho-ish too! high fives lmao. actually, I read that otakuzine issue too.. I hope they make DURARARA as a cover on the next issue~


@augmentine: yeah. it isn't that bad..^^ hahah.. its really fun having your own world.XD

@Kii.: yeah. that's what i'm waiting for. maybe when the airing is finished..they'd make it as cover.. god. cant wait for that thing to happen..XD

lol @Izaya's random post XD

@yushina; haha! yeah! They can make it as the cover even it's still airing though. Like The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi.. and then they'll include an EPIC POSTER. oh gawd.

hello sieg wus here raeping this thread post lololol

anyway hello guys, and hi shizu-chan <3

*glomps @Kii. *

^Hello there, Lust-chan! XD

Oh, I so know what @augmentine means. Everyone looked really close in Colorless~ By the way, @augmentine you wanted to be born in the Victorian Era, too? Really - let's be friends!

@yushina I believe people who support yaoi must be friends, so, let's be friends~

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