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Myogi's Supido No Densetsu: DAIKI PROMO VID RELEASED! (Thread)

Which of the 2 sounds better as Sakura?


THE Official Supido no Densetsu (Speed Legend) Projects, Discussion & Fanservice thread! - A MyogiWarrior34 & TheColorless media production

Current status: Still active.

Hi mina~!! Just want to share to y'all my manga, just like Peteian but i'll be going to a different approach since majority of my content is done and ready for preview. Well, i'd like to share this one to you guys. Just click the link & view. I want to hear your comments. Arigato~! in advance.

I want colorless to be in my manga too so If anyone interested, shout your names out if you want to be included in it; oh, and if you want a car in my series... then do join in!! Colorless members will have a big role in this manga so join if you like! If you know Initial D... then pretty much you have a basic idea of what this is...

Previous undertaking:

  1. Supido no Densetsu Colorless Act: Spirit of the Fighting Bull
  1. Supido no Densetsu V (10 episodes)
    Edit: Since the series is complete, you can view it here on its official playlist:

Episode OP video:

Latest updates will be posted on the latest post of this thread as well!

March 21, 2011 - A new project will commence: SUPIDO NO DENSETSU V OVA!!! Those who wanna be part of this, post your name/shout/holla to be part of it while its in the planning stage to reserve your slot.

Edit: June 6 2011 - More projects are under construction/planning stage and this list will show what will be done:

  1. Supido no Densetsu V OVA -unofficial Title: Takara's debut- in progress
  2. Supido no Densetsu V OVA II - no title yet-
  3. Supido no Densetsu Z - Round Hawaii final chapter video movie
    (feat. Test Drive Unlimited)

All help is appreciated from media providing to voice acting. This series has represented Colorless in public. This feat of production will make it skyrocket. Let's all do this together!

Update 10/24/2011

Poll concerning the development of Supido no Densetsu V has been made for perusal and to be used for further development of incoming videos such as Viaggio Grande & OVA 2. Please give immediate feedback.

Yes! I could barely understand what is going on; it's like they're going nowhere. - 7 votes.
No. It's fine as it is. I understand the concept and may have read the links on Myogi's page - 1 vote.

Update: 12/4/2011

2 Versions of teh Sakura promo vid have been released. Even as head of this project; I'm still crossed which of these 2 sound better. Thus, I ask for public vote. Cast your vote on which version is better to know who'd voice Sakura as a public verdict. Thanks for the support and more vids coming soon!

I am still updating my story. Although racing is too much of a techy, mundane & serious manga... hyzengard, Peteian & I planned to add COLORLESS TO THE STORY AS A GROUP! Yes, I am adding Colorless Members into my manga. If you want to be in it, just give me a holler and tell me which car do you want to be featured with. I'll gladly add you up. hyzengard will be the temporary leader of the colorless racing group in my manga since he & Peteian have been featured in my previous ones. :D

DUDE. An Admin should be the leader of the colorless group or one of the Colorless originals like Kenbutsuni. I made Kenbutsunin the top scientist of the Empire in my Manga :3

..... wait our Mangas won't compete will they? (A) I'm not really comfortable with competing with someone from the PJJM Alliance. Except in randomness but then we all rock that anyway so meh XP

STILL your Manga's shaping up to be AWESOME!! :3

That's why I said temporary. If anyone of the admin joins, then they're the leader of team Colorless of Daikoku. Hyzengard would be like right or left hand of the leader, ace driver in his S2000 GT1.

Yours is a blue Toyota Supra, right? the 98' Model? :D

Yeap. OH oh and and ..... put a cup holder :3

Btw, Peteian. We're not competing. We're doing this for colorless. I'm doing mine starting with my volume 2... I want to include colorless as a team there... whose presence might highly influence the lead character from there on... :D

Here are a couple of examples:
1. MyogiWarrior34 - "Tomo Kitsumoro"
car: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
2. Hyzengard - "Ryusen Kennichi"
car: Honda S2000 GT1
3. Peteian - "Hiei Kamura"
car: Toyota Supra RZ

*note: KJ much but no IMBA cars like Ferraris or lamborghinis please. But Vipers and Corvettes are available & so is the Ford GT. I'll link a note with pics of what cars are available if you're still unsure.

Miyogi-chaan~~ I want to be included ...if that's alright~~

XD Ganbare, Miyogi-chaaannn~~!!

Can I join? This seems really interesting.

EDIT: Btw what cars are available?

i want join :D

Sign me up. I'll go for a Dodge Viper

wow xyopg..well i want lamborgini reventon hehe:D

SUGOI!!! Racing/Drifting mania XD

Would it be alright to join in too?^^

:car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S

shivers XD lol

I even hunted this model down in IRL
I just saw RX-8 and I wished it was RX-7 though lol

sounds fun I'm in

I'll take Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT XD

I can be in it if you need. As a driver or the mechanic. This seems pretty interesting.
As for a car I normally drive or want to drive a Jeep/Pick-up or a Mustang such as the one here

Holy crap! So much after logging out after a week! Wow! I can make arrangements!! Wooh! This WILL be epic. I assured Hyzengard already... hmm...

@Riku, yahp! The first person who came into our mind (peteian, me & hyzengard) was you after the i ai anime con, riding in a HYUNDAI GENESIS!! We're still debating though if you DRIVE or someone else... probably someone you're close to here in colorless as well or if you want a different car for you/you with your nii-san to drive...

@MrTrain, sure. Oh, the list? Working on it... it's coming if you want to choose from the list. :D

@phantomway, sure! do join in!! W-whoa... IMBA CAR... well... i could allow... Lambos are rare in my series although I have featured the Gallardo, Murcielago & Diablo in SLR epilogue II... a reventon is good. APPROVED!!

@Xyopq, ZOMG!! Nice choice!! APPROVED!!

@Hikari Rin, YEAH! EPIC CHOICE!! wait a minute (Checks archives) D'OH! ANOTHER ONE!!? Well... this is my first in the Wangan setting so it's approved as well. An RX-7 has a variety of bodykits/designs available... Which one do you like.... like which one among the 4 in your youtube link?

@Gray, w-whoa! Another Imba car... well Gembellas are legal... to me... so fine... I haven't featured a porsche car aside from the 911 so... APPROVED!!

@Nikochin, hmm... I'd go for the Mustang if I were you. if you're referring to the one above, then it's good too. Wow... the legendary Mustang. YEOSH!!

I'll update everyone about what else, they need... probably like how do you want your character to look like... pic links are encouraged so that I have a reference. Original drawings... even better... uniqueness ++ UP!! i'll be waiting for those photos... once I'm done with my homework, I'll draw your cars with custom kits in a while... :D

@myogi hahaha first I want to use Gin's porche (From Metantei Conan) but it's an antique car so well I got to find more of sports kind.....and I just love porsche some how ^^........good luck with your works....and homeworks too....^^......I'll try to give the character reference as soon as possible

Good news, profile videos are coming soon! I have some ready for Phantomway, Xyopq, Gray, Hikari Rin & Nikochin. I used NFS carbon as the video medium... be ready for it!!


@Myogi Thank You!!! blood rush to the max I'm fine with whichever you choose for the design^^ haha this will be epik!! Ganbatte!!

The profile video I mentioned... i just need to create the video now. the movie project is all set... only need to create as mp4 and upload it to youtube and post it here. watch out for it... it has the 5 mentioned members together... I assure you y'all will love it with a bonus: Trust Me Remix included... hope youtube doesn't flag this... O.o

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