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Myogi's Supido No Densetsu: DAIKI PROMO VID RELEASED! (Thread) - Page 49

Which of the 2 sounds better as Sakura?


The scripts are here at last:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Please check this thread out for details of available Cast to be voiced.:!&p=1156957&viewfull=1#post1156957

SEND IN YOUR VA FILES, Si vous pleas.

I'm auditioning for Kitana I will post my audition in a bit

I promise to get these done Monday hopefully! Today was a work day(i.e. Basketball) and tomorrow is my celebration of birth party. Sunday I am not sure ,but it will most likely be loud. So,I give my word for Monday!

4th & last character promo video of Viaggio Grande has been released. Enjoy:

My audition(?) for Kitana Tioseco
Shout out any concerns, comments, and critiques.
And I mean it when I say "Shout out."
Please include at least one word in needless capitals.

=D cool. hahahahaa!!! this doesn't sound like a jamaican.... but is still good. i think is a little closer to a jamaican accent the dude who do the voice of jacknife.

try with him next time. is just a comment. :D keep going this proyect and like we said in my team..... "never give down" (is a motto from mazda too)

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