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Music that gets you pumped up (Thread)

There is a thread for relaxing music, so now here's one for music that gets your blood pumping. So go on and pump away while I leave these samples:

Forgot to add this one:

Also @shane

I remember a time where I would listen to that song all the time.

this band never fails to pump me up :

This song (it's good, regardless what you think of the anime)

These guys always get me pumped up!!

Tom Snare~

Oh dear... I have a ton of those

Only Hina song to ever actually make me want to get up and dance/spin

A Day to Remember has a few more but this one in particular.


(Benzene takes a while to start up)

Or just males singing Touhou songs in general are pretty epic and bring out a lot of feeling.

Finally, these two.

I have so many more but I don't want to floor you all...


my music list touches infinite...I don;t have time to post it all....I must be immortal for that

And now for some more :P

(Falcon Punch)


pretty much these oh and





I see nothing seriously hardcore here, so I guess it's my turn~

I know, it's a similar song, but eh. =w=

I have so much more, too. o xo

totally forgot this thread existed.

Anime related :

Not Anime related:

And many others im too lazy to find/list.

Can't believe no one posted this one:

And this one is awesome (music, not anime ofc):

Oh yeah, I strongly agree with the Fairy Tail main theme...that is pure WIN!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Music is the best music that will get your manly soul and blood pumped up~!!! ~hands down~

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