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[GRAPHICS] Chat-Style Avatars [Closed] (Thread)

=====REQUEST FORM=====

General Rules:
+ No Robots
+ Only 1 color is allowed per avatar (so, no combos of red and blue and white, etc.). You can still request the same avatar in different colors, though.

(black, purple, dark blue, blue, orange, red, pink, magenta, grey, green)
(girl/boy/trap?!) (just so I know how to do your hair)
(Just tell me what things you want. Example: top hat, side part, pony tails, tie, etc.)

If you want something specific, please include a reference picture. You can look through the photobucket album down below for accessories that I've already made.

Ask away! and feel free to tell me if you want any changes (before and after!)

Here's a tip if you're looking for your avatar: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "View All", then hit Ctrl+F and type in your username.

Color: Dark Blue

Gender: Boy

Description: Headphones, tie, and can there be hair covering one eye like your current icon?

Color: Red

Gender: Girl

Description:long hair and raccoon ears (and maybe a tail if it'll fit)

Thanks for doing this lubibul! You're awesome!

@Ryuugamine: Sure! do you want the hair to look like mikado's?

@TanuTan: you're welcome! :D

Here are the avatars you guys! Hope you like them.



Color: Red

Gender: Girl

Description: long hair, short sleeved shirt, and cat ears ^^

Thank you so much! I could never figure out how to make these! You're wonderful :D

oh, could you maybe put a bow in the hair?? And thank you again (:

me too plz XD

Color: Red Orange/Orange

Gender: Boy

Description: a guy with spiky hair and has an eye patch on his right eye and he's wearing a shirt with necktie

thanks xD

lol i forgot can you put a \"pikachu ears\" on my avatar? 8D

sorry and thank yooou >:D<

Arigato! I love it~ ^^

Color: Orange o/

Gender: Girl

Description: Long hair, two ponytails with star clips (kind of like Misa-misa in death note XD) wearing a shirt with ruffles and a bow on the front :) Also, if you could put a rainbow somewhere there, that would be awesome <3

Thank you 8D

Color: Black

Gender: Boy~

Description: Cat ears and a tie. :D

Me love you long time. <3

Color: Grey

Gender: Guy

Description: Fedora hat, tie, round sunglasses and coat. Rose hanging from the coat.

Reference: Sven Vollfied

Color: Blue

Gender: Girl

Description: Something like Meia from Vandread perhaps? (( minus the coffee cup, she just happened to be drinking coffee in the picture xD ))


If not.... then fedora, pony tail and right side part.


with Pikachu ears! haha

@Luna: You're welcome! :)

@ everyone requesting: I'll be uploading one at a time in the order you're requesting! please be patient. :D

lol cool thread yay meia lol i'm stalking u :P

-waves at darkout- i see you~


thank you very much hugs

@wanderlust: you're welcome! :)



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