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[GRAPHICS] Chat-Style Avatars [Closed] (Thread) - Page 152

thank you very much! I am a idiot Im sorry!

Don't worry, I did the EXACT same thing.

thanks :) hehe oh ok :)

Can I please request an avatar?

Please look at my post replying to @IzayaBunny 4 posts above yours.

hai, i'm newbie in here...yorozhiku ne...

Do You still Take Requests? :O
Well if you are im just going to post mine :P

Gender: Male
Hair:Spiky Hair
Clothing: Shikasou
Background: Black
Lines: White

Here's a pic of what i want it to look like


quoting @Charon:

This thread has been closed/inactive for a long time and isn't doing any avatars.

There's a newer one here:
This one seems to be active, though it is currently closed until they finish the avatars they are currently working on (they only do 5 at a time, they've completed 2/5 of their current set).

So if you want an avatar, I'd suggest you bookmark the other thread and wait until they open and try to get a spot when they do.

color yellow gender boy bow tie hair like the blonde guy Durarara and pikachu ears plz and how did u make these also thnx

"hair like the blonde guy Durarara"

which one? Kida? Shizuo?

th e guy who already lived in japan and his friend moved with him but he had black hair and the guy i want had blonde hair and foorget the pikachu ears

Can i get some help here

Color: Black
Gender: MALE
sasuke from naruto shippuden.

Desc: Cloud Strife From Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.



Hair:google Lelouch Lamperouge

Clothes: Izaya's coat

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