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[Clan] Neko Clan - any can join nya~(=^_^=) (Thread)

so if u want to join the neko clan u can nya~ i dont think there are any requirements . . . oh you cant hurt the nekos nya~ also please no pics inappropriate for those 12 and under nya~ thats it nya.
Head of Clan: @Lazu
Caretaker of Duties: @shinu
Manager: @Shidei
@Lazu 's Right Hand Man: @Jae_Mamoru
Finances Handler: @Stormkun
Grammar Nazi Neko Youngster: @Apple
Neko Maido (maid): @erii-chi
Neko Moogle (moogle): @Moogle
Snow Leopard Gryphon: @000000
Neko Guardian: @Shinra-san
Neko King: @neko_kaneko
Neko Commander from Hell: @deng
Kitten Invasion General: @Neko-Chan
List of Zombie Nekos:
List of Members:
@Tingzu 's cat Tony
You can do anything here nya~ including posting cute neko pics to share nya~
please enjoy nya~

I love cats <3!
My friends tell me often that Im more similar to a cat than a human...
I'll join!

@Matsu : ok nya~ u are welcome to come nya~
lol i have 2 cats but they act more like . . . monsters . . . they eat plastic nya . . . 0.o

I want to join because cats are so cute. But, I'm allergic to them so...

Oh, my nekos~. I own everyone of you~. And I adore every single hair of your adorable ears and tails.

Mine is soooooo cute!! She's 17 (yes, 17), but she looks so young and healthy!
Anyway, even if they eat plastic, they must be really cute.

@MrTrain : ohhh i feel for you nya . . . my friend is allergic to cats too but she likes dogs better anyway so yeah . . . nya~

@Matsu : ya thats true nya~ they are cute nya. 17?! one of the cats i had died at 18 and she was so tiny and skinny . . . so sad nya . . . im glad urs is healthy nya!!!

@Shidei I like a lot of monsters. :D
EDIT: XD I was looking at Matsu's post while typing. I meant animal's not monsters. though I do like a few monsters.


@MrTrain : lol then u would love my cats nya!!!

Everyone: i am warning you, the Head of our clan is a little . . . cute-crazy nya. she loves cute things and nekos, so please allow her to pet ur cats ears and so forth nya~

@MrTrain xDDD!!!

@shinu : awww shes cute nya~

@shinu : awww i like her ears nya~ kawaii~

Whoooo'll give me their fuzzy, nice, warm ears first~?
I'm waiti~ng.

go cute nekos nya!!!

@Lazu : lol u can have mine nya~ after all, ur the Head of our Clan nya! lol

Hmmm so u made a neko clan......I c......nekos.......nah i like dragons better

Later ill make a thread tat has to do with fire anyway g2g

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