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Private Messages on Chat (Thread)

In the show, we have learned the chat has a PM system where two users can have a person conversation. Yet our lovely chat lacks this. I think we should invest some effort into programming it. Honestly, it doesn't seem that hard to make. In a general chat, if you click on a user's profile pic icon (not the name), then it'd start the private chat. The only problem is how to maintain that in one tab. The multi-tab system doesn't work because if a member PMs you, then your end would need to have a new tab be opened, which could (and usually will) be seen as spam activity by the system, depending on your web browser.

What if you did something like an FB chat system, where you can have multiple tabs open in the same window for multiple chats? This would include non-PM chats as well. A new tab won't open unless you've been PMed by another user or unless you PM another user or unless you join a new chat. You could even add some privacy controls for each user. So a user could opt not to get PMs, or to block certain users from PMing them, or to only allow a select few users to PM them. All in one tab.

What do you guys think?

I think thats a good idea. Maybe a friend system?

Friend/PM system? :U That would be easier, especially if you only wanted a select group of people to interact in one chat.

Would save a lot of people from feeling out of the loop, but wouldn't it scare other people when someone randomly initiates a conversation with them, only to find the (ugh) spammers?

aug brings a good point, so maybe the system should only be if you have friended them.

So that means you have to bring up the idea of friend requests and you have to be accepted by them before you can message. And of course you can edit your friend list if need be.

Except the PM system is in the form of live chat with them.

I don't think a PM system and friend system would be too much to do...

Of course, I'm not familiar with coding, so I wouldn't know xD.

HMmm, I'm not good with thinking about complicated stuff. But I approve ^-^b

Anyways sounds good to me. Then again I am a simpleton who doesn't question much, but questions everything. If that makes sense.

Haha, yes. Like a small notification, like, [username] has requested friendship with you :)

I second the whole friend/PM thing. That'd be awesome~

I don't know if it'd be too hard to do. xD if it is, we could always just ask for people's Y!Ms, MSN/AOL/Skypes and do it there.

...but chatting without having to go out of the site would be fun...

Haha, it reminds me of how some people use microblogging as kind of like chat.

I agree with above posts, a PM system would be cool.

@Aug - It's not /really/ off the site, it's just using something else to talk. But it is kind of annoying to have to do that as much as I love using MSN.

Yeah, but sometimes you have to...take your attention off the site. It'd be nice if you could reply in the forums without losing track of everything, since chat goes by really quickly most of the time.

Reading from the bottom would just make you even more lost, I would think.

But I love using MSN/YM/Skype too, so no problems there.

(I hope other people have skype, gives me an excuse to buy a microphone and talk without having to type...hehehe. oops, off topic!)

I agree with Jacek. I don't mind adding people from the Colorless on AIM and dA but I'd enjoy being able to, in the moment, PM buds on here and use this stylish chat. Plus it'd make it more accurate like the show. You could even do the whole \"inverse colors\" thing as a nice touch but that aesthetic isn't priority in terms of programming.

Yeah, I agree with you two. That would be fun. :> This kind of chat would be less susceptible to spammers since you can pick the people and keep adding if you wanted to, with one person as the 'host.'

Kind of like how Conferences happen on YM.

Ah, so you're saying to also have expansions like a conference, sorta like a private AIM chatroom. I hadn't thought of that, I was thinking just one-on-one, but that works too. In this respect you could do something without having to make a friend system. You already can create public chat rooms, but what about private ones? You could make a private room and then invite members, based off username, and you'd be the host. If you get invited into a private room, a little message could appear on the top and you can accept/decline. Mix this with the multi-tab, FB chat-like, organization system, and you have something that could be really, really cool. That's a great idea, and it sounds simpler to program too!

@Aug - If I had the motivation to buy a new microphone, I'd give you a lame excuse.

I'm glad the chat goes so quickly, since that just shows activity, but it's a pain switching tabs and seeing...100 new posts, especially if you asked a question. (@_@)

I think by allowing these chats, you'd lessen volume in the main chat, which is good since that thing sometimes goes at non-human speeds during peak times.

Hopefully, but not too much. I like it when it's pretty fast, but not too fast, you know?

I think a lot of people would still chill in mostly the main chat lobby, especially to make new friends, so I don't think that would cause a problem.

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