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Private Messages on Chat (Thread) - Page 3

Isn't there any other who can help? I mean, in these 17600+ members, there must be someone who knows programming and webdesigning who is trustworthy enough. Well, we don't rush things. Maybe a 15 min. Per day is a great help for them if they will pursue this proposal.


@keeki: yeah! But it requires a lot of time, effort, and probably money.

That is true @Masaomi_Kida. Programming something like a private message board to a huge amount of people will take a lot of time and hard effort. Also it would be hard to find someone who is honest and a master at computers who could agree to such terms.
(Forgive me for butting in this thread, but I had to type my opinion on this idea.)

high 5 with @Anemone1
yEah!! That's why it's a bless if we have one soon!

Everyone's happiness is my happiness also. So first we must find someone who could accept the offer to make the private message board. That part is the hard part though. = (

Even if we find one, it's up to the admins if they will let others help them construct the project. Don't keep your hopes too high =c

That is also true. Thank you @Masaomi_Kida.

No problem @Anemone1 >=3

Their seems to be a lot of space on the sides of the chat why not just let one chat window move to the left and another one opens on the right side?
you could follow both chats.

this should so happen ♥

Don't get your hopes high. Our development department got basically crushed, so complicated stuff like this seems unlikely for the time being

it can only me to have live chat with members so im just accept their request for me!!!

i would really like the idea i hope it turns out like it soon

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