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My Favourite ______ in Durarara!! (Thread)

OK, I was bored, so I made this. I'm sure someone's already, but still...well anywho, the point is to fill in the blank and tell everyone what it is.

Like: My Favourite Character in Durarara!! is Shizuo etc etc and the like. It could be a pairing, a scene...and we can all discuss in it's full awesomeness. Because DRRR!! is just awesome.

And for the record, Shizuo really is my fav character lol.

My favourite characters in Durarara!! are Shizuo, Mikado and Celty! :D

my fav scene in DRRR was "yo yo yo HEY MANNN" and his epic crotch-grab.

Kida Masaomi 3x.. explainable already XD

Mikado.. simply say don't judge a book by its cover.

Anri-chan.. okaa-san and her saika



Erica & Walkers.. for their Otaku-ness and "S" side lol It can get scary!

Aniki Kadota (yes even though I'm a girl! He deserves the name)

Celty.. who can't help but love this Dullahan

Simon and his sushi promotion lol

Saki XD yeah I'm weird but I like her mysteriousness

there is more to that (if novel is included) so I'll stop here..
thus in short Drrr cast!! XD

@VoltA It's Hiroshi (someone told me before that he liked him too lmao so I couldn't forget the name)

My favorite pairing is Izaya x Namie <3 I'm one of the 5% of girls in this fandom who don't ship Shizaya lol

Oh, my favorite scene was the "Yo... yo... HEY MAN" too and the epic cellphone stomping.

My favorite pairing? UHHH~ might be Kida x Mikado.
Shinra x Celty too, I mean... come on? Who doesn't love them?

My favorite characters... Ffff.
Kida Kida Kida Kida Kida.... Kida... did I mention Kida?
Mikado, Shizuo, Izaya, Kida, Celty, Shinra, Kida, Erika and Walker because they have epic ringtones. And Kida.

kida masaomi!kida masaomi!i like his voice:D

My favourite song from the OST is Their Aspirations (number 11)

Favourite scene...
Izaya: talking about something to the trio then BLAM with the rubbish bin

Favourite characters
Kida-kun and Aobaaaaa ><

Pairings...ErikaxWalker, ShinaxCelty, Shizaya~~

Celty and Izaya =)

...fav scene...threre is a lot...the ones mentioned before and of course this one!!!

Fav opening - Complication <3

Favourite scenes are the first "fight" between Shizuo and Izaya (It's lo~vely ;3) AND the cellphone "killing".

Favourite characters are Shizuo and Izaya!! xD

Favourite pairings are Shizuo x Izaya, Shizuo x Kasuka, Izaya x Kasuka and Shizuo x Izaya x Kasuka... laugh
But Shizaya is my ultimate fav!

My favourite character in Durarara is Shizuo...and my favourite scene is the one in which he is feeling happy about his power and starts to throw people around...

I like all except main dude

Shizuo of course!! n both Yumacchi with his wide dumb smile most of the time n Karisawa 2 otaku freak

I liked Izaya and how he manipulates people .. interesting mind twister :D

I LOVE Sonoha Anri .. self-explanatory ofc ( only boys will understand this xD )

My fav voice actor in drrr is daisuke ono we hav the same birthday

Ah...who doesn't love DRRR :D My favourite scene was the one where they got Nogizaka Haruka on the van. And Togusa was totally freaking out. LOL. And though I adore Shizaya, I kinda like Shizuo X Celty and Izaya X Namie too. I dunno why. Haha. Don't kill meeeee Shinra X Celty fangirls!!

My favorite character... is Shizuo as well. He is ... how can I say it... epic win? And he kind of reminds me of myself... I don't know why.

Second favorite is Izaya. His insanity and love for manipulation (and humans) is rather... lovable. Yes, lovable. Then there's Anri, who is just a wonderful character. Saika!Anri is just something very epic and awesome.

I just realized I like the word "epic" very much.

my favorite pairing is IzayaXNamie, tooo.
they're both kind of evil (in an awesome way) so they're good for each other.

My favorite episode is episode 3 because all of the awesome scenes like the trashcan scene and the guy getting punched out of his clothes and the HEY MAN all happen in that one. I laughed like that ENTIRE episode :)

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