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My Favourite ______ in Durarara!! (Thread) - Page 7

My favorite character in Durarara is SHIZOU obviously! He is just one bad-ass dude!
I love shizou!
I also think Masaomi is cute too! He is just so sweet, I love him!

i love drrr! MUCH!
izaya + shizuo= best rival in town :P

celtyi find her interesting since she's different and i kinda like her character in this anime.

Just wanting to put up a random thread so i thought of this question. My favorite character is Izaya because he is hilarious and is interesting to see what he does next.

Have that here:

My favorite seen is the first fight between Izaya and Shizuo. That trash can just flew out of nowhere and hit him. It was so funny how Mikado, Anri, and Masaomi looked when they saw it. It was epic!

LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!Of all the Durr charictars i think Izaya rules them all. I mean if you hate Izaya that must mean you got hit with one of shezuo's fists.Izaya maybe evil ,cruel , scary,and crazy but if your going to hate someone hate the guy with the yellow jacket.So i say again LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!!

mines anri shes to quiet

Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks shizaya is totally wrong!!!!! I mean they hate each other people hello!!!!!!

IZAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SECOND SHEZUO THEN KIDA ECT.......

ON youtube look up im awesome durrarara

my fave character of the show has to be Shizuo Heiwajima hands down. he gets angry so easily and he's so badass!!!

My favourite CHARACTER in Durarara!! was Kida Masaomi. :)
He had such a crappy ending in the anime! I really liked the love triangle Masaomi x Anri x Mikado, although it was transient and kind of unimportant... I just wished the three were able to stay together!
(please don't post any spoilers; I haven't read the LN yet x3)

Not only in the anime; it's the same ending for the novel and the manga.

@mimiochi were did you het the books they sound better than the show?

Were do you get the books

Were do you get the books

I get them shipped from either China or Taiwan. or via fan translations, but I soon realized that it's much better getting the official translated ones as it's probably more accurate
Again, I think the only languages available are in Chinese and Japanese.

Ok then how muvh

Why would you buy something you can't read anyways?

What @someone said. Seriously, why get it if you can't read it?
就算你要買那十本小說的話,你得先把它的中文名字找出來啊。我們讀中文時是不會把 "Durarara" 讀成 <<土啦啦啦>>的呀。

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