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My Favourite ______ in Durarara!! (Thread) - Page 2

Bump anyone?

my favorite characters are Mikado and Celty :D

Love your avatar^^

Uuuummmm... Let's see....
Fav. char. IZAYA! Also Shizou-chan <3
Fav. end. is "Trust me", I sing it EVERY DAY! It's so cool I love it! And a fav. match is...... KidaxSaki and ShinraxCelty. They are so cute <3 @mykurobutler
Daisuke Ono is awesome because he gives Sebby-chan voice too. ^.^

Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention that Shizuo is aquarius...... like me! ^.^

Oh, damnit! I forgot this! My fav. scene is step-on-boyfriend scene by Izaya Orihara ^.^

Favorite scene: everything, orz. Although I do have a soft spot for the ending credits (why self, why?).

Izaya is a ho-yay.

I like of lost my mind when I read (spoiler!) how Kida and that Saki girl disappeared together or something. -_______-

Well, my favourite character is Izaya, but I think all the characters are well-made and unique ^^

My favorite outfit/character combinations in Durarara!! are...

  1. Shinra in a school uniform
  2. Anri in pyjamas
  3. The way Izaya wore his school uniform
  4. Namie without her lab coat
  5. Celty with a bikini XD
  6. Shingen + Gas mask !

YAY! BUMP! Celty in a bikini=nosebleed. And I'm a girl...yes. I questioned my sexuality when I saw that.

My favourite characters in Durarara are Shizuo and Celty.
No one are as awsome as Shizuo or Celty.

My favorite in Durara anime would be : Izaya & Shizuo.
They're awesome!
not to mention the hottie Celty <3


My fav scene in DRRR!! is when Shizzy-chan beat up the crap out of the people who had been hypnotised y the fake Saika~ and hell yeah that scene was awesome! and my fav chara is of course Shizuo and Simon!!

My fave characters are Mikado and Celty (:

and my favourite scene is the when izaya does that hell'a crazy laugh while jumping on the girls phone.

But from mikado doing that akward little run in after being pushed by izaya,
izaya dodging the ginge and twirling (8

My favorite...

character; Izaya. Guy's a lolcat. But! I like Aoba, too. c:

scene; where Kida and Saki were in Kida's hospital room together at the very end of the anime, and Kida was all "I LOVE YOU. DON'T LEAVE ME." <3

pairing; Shizuo/Celty. I like how Shizuo acts when he's around Celty. I doubt that he's like that around most other characters... /obviousfact.

ending; Trust Me. It's so catchy. 8D

DRRR!! is my favourite way to write and say the title of the anime.

My favourite characters that appear in the anime are Kadota, Walker and Mikado.

My overall favourite of the series is Rokujo Chikage (and I was very pleased when Anni_Fiesta started translating volume 5).

Aside from Celty cute moment with Shina after being chased by Kuzuhara - I think Niekawa Haruna is the cutest female in the series despite being batshit insane.

I also have a keen interest in Shiki and the Awakusi-Kai and is looking forward to reading more about them - and like most people hope for a second season.

I like both openings and endings, but out of all the songs, I think Complication is the best song. I also love the piano in Butterfly in the full version of the song.

Episode 7 and 24 are probably my favourite episodes.

My favourite ship is IzayaxNamie, though Kadota/Izaya/Shizuo/Shinra is my OTP4 (non-romantically of course).

My favourite scenes is probably where Kadota comes to the rescue in episode 24 - he is the coolest (sane) person in the series.

Izaya's antics amuse me, despite not really liking his character very much.

Yeah DRRR!! is awesome yeah? You know what. I think I like everything in DRRR!! I didn't really like Butterfly (ED2) at first, but I grew to love it. Because it's from DRRR. If anyone's interested, I'm actually translating the DRRR!! light novel to English from Chinese. I've done like the fourth chapter of the first book and a little of the fifth chapter. Check my profile for the site. Yeah: BUMP

My favourite scene in Durarara was when Izaya out of nowhere, suddenly jumped on the girls boyfriend xD

my favorite scene when Celty gave a gloves to SHIZUO..bec it can protect in a blade..whhaha!.i like those fight scenes!!! SHIZUO is reallay strong!!


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