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My Favourite ______ in Durarara!! (Thread) - Page 3

BUMP. Someone say something wahhh.

I'm surprised Shizuo is so many people's favourite character. My favourite is Kida <3 <3 (and then it's very very hard between Izaya and Celty (and Shinra and Mikado haha))

I'll try to come back with a favourite scene, it's so hard to choose, I have to remember the show a bit better, but I think it'll either be a scene with Izaya or a Celty x Shinra scene <3

And those two are definitely my favourite pairing of the show and one of my very favourite couples of all anime. They're absolutely adorable.

What else ? Favourite OP is the first one, I constantly have the song in my mind and the general mood and speed really fit well the first part of the show. Favourite ED ... it's hard, they're both really cool, maybe the second one actually.

My favourite place in Durarara is Celty and Shinra's appartment =)

My favourite clothes are Izaya's (and Kida's)

Will probably post again to share about the awesomeness that is Durarara :-)

YAYA Bump baby bump.

Last Episode:
Celty and Shinra getting some sun on their apartment balcony = EPIC

my fav character is Celty, Shinra, and Shizuo

My favorite character in Durarara is Erika, Celty and Shizuo.

My Favorite Character is Shizuo.
-See image- He' s awesome and always has a good (funny) fight scene. I always end up laughing when he comes in, in the anime. I have no idea why but it's just funny.

Picture below expresses whom my favorite Character is. :D

My favorite character in Durarara is Shizuo :)

LOL. What a gartender, that Shizu-chan. Sigh. Question. What if one day you were walking on the streets of Ikebukuro and then you saw...SHIZUO?

fave pairing: anrixmikado <3
fave character: shizu-chan xD
fave song: uragiri no yuuyake ~


shizu-chan almost beat izaya in popularity... :C

.....volty is not amused.

lol izaya is too evil for me >:]
but don't worry, izaya's got twice as much supporters than shizu-chan if you check his profile at MAL xD

My favorite pair is Kasuka x Ruri.

My favorite character is Ruri.

My favorite idol is Ruri.

My goddess is Ruri.

My favorite scene was when Izaya killed the cell phone.

OMG awesome gif xD But I liked it when he did the same thing to that boyfriend, too :P

Izaya ;p

Shizo, Celty, Mikado, and Erika.
Russian sushi anyone?

LOL yeah baby. DRRR has got to be one of the only animes/mangas/light novels where I actually like all the canon pairings. There's Shinra X Celty which is adorable. Then Kasuka X Ruri which is just perfect and don't forget Shizaya. It's OBVIOUSLY a pairing. Anyone interested in reading the Durarara!! english translated light novel. I'm doing a full translation of the first novel and I'm at chapter 5, which was never before documented in BakaTsuki. It's here if you're interested:

Bump :)

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