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My Favourite ______ in Durarara!! (Thread) - Page 4

@whisper know Shizaya is OBVIOUSLY canon ~

still doesn't get it why some people despite shizaya so much


(one of) My fav Drrr moment was everyone's reaction to the suggestion of ShizuoxIzaya BL (or should it be IzayaXShizuo?!) Anyway, the character's reactions were so cute and awkward. >.<

Oh oh, I just saw an even better one (fav drrr moment!) It's when Shizuo punches that guy right out of his clothes! bahahaha I heart that scene. XP (stolen from Durarara!! post by By Mio_Amagi - reply:youBAKA)

BUMPage. Many people enjoyed the punching-out-of-clothes scene I see. LOL


My favourite characters are Kida and Celty ^^

Yay! Celty's so cute. I like her name. I would name my daughter Celty. If I had one lol.

Hm... I like the Shizzy x Izaya pairing (Lol. Yaoi fangirls ftw) and Kida x Mikado. <3

My favorite Character is Mikado-kun hands down, though Izaya is a close second.

My favorite Scene would be either Izaya getting hit by the trash can, Izaya's brief hobby of stomping on girls cellphones, or Izaya bunny-hopping on that girl with no name's boyfriend's back.

my favorite character is Kida!!!!!!
and i love Izaya...

My favourite characters: Izaya-sama. _ Anri and... Kida, lol. I told myself not to mention as my favourite Character but still I can't help it. xD

Favourite Scene: Izaya making stamping on cellphone's his hobby.
After seeing that scene on YouTube I decided to watch Durarara, 'cause I didn't knew the anime back then.

Favourite Pairing: ... Do I have one? I guess not. I guess Izaya/Rio IF Rio appeared more after ep 2, but she didn't. Too bad, so no. Still I love Ep 2 and can't help making fanfics. If I should choose.. it would be just Anri/Mikado and Saki/Kida. Though I don't like Saki that much...

of course Shizuo )

and Izaya

LOL, well I came across DRRR when I was searching for some of Matsushita Yuya's songs. Then I found Trust Me and learnt that it was being used as the ED for the anime Durarara!! So after watching the ED vid, I kinda fell in love with the artwork (and Shizuo/Izaya's hotness) and decided to watch it!! And now it's my fav anime ever :)

My favourite side character in Durarara is Hiroshi. Hands Down.

my favorite characters are izaya, shizuo, and kida. hmmmm guys there is a possiblity that this series might end up just like air gear, so many loose ends.

Nah I don't think so. IMO, I think there'll be a second season. Remember how Mikado was like: Kida will definitely come back? Well that's one clue. And another hint was Celty's head. And so on. Well, that's just what I think. Keeping my fingers crossed.


BUMP. Uwa~I guess this is officially dead. OR IS IT??

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