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My Favourite ______ in Durarara!! (Thread) - Page 5

must be kida masomi..hoho..make outside but no know bout da inside,,

Uh~! My favorite character in DRRR!! is Izaya, Shizuo, Kida, and Erika~!

My Favorite Scene are Epic cellphone stomping and Boyfriend Stomping by Izaya XD and YO... YO... HEY MAN! scene.

My Favorite Pairing? ... Kadota x Izaya
Second fave Pairing is Shizaya...

That's all ^_^

The character i hate the most is kidas gf shes such a tool and lame who listen to that piece of shit izaya

My favorite character is Kida!

My favorite scene is "Izaya's New Hobby".

My favorite character, is Kida!

that's pretty much it...


My favorite character, is Kida!

that's pretty much it...


I have two favorite characters! Kida and Izaya are both awesome :)

LOL REVIVAL. Anywho, I've decided that I love all DRRR!! characters. Kida is so cute. Especially before he got all emo-ish. He never failed to make me smile.

Fav Chara : SHIZUOOO~~~ hahahahahaha <3<3

Fav Scene : too many.. lol. But especially the part where Shizuo and Izaya fight, Izaya steps on the phone, Izaya jumps on the dude's back, Izaya doing the motorcycle sounds, and wtf is there so many Izayas? XD

Proof that Izaya is weird and awesome XD

shizu-chan~ <3


My Favourite Top10 Characters

Izaya by far is my favorite! at least by far until a bit at the end where simon chats w/ him.

Kida and Mikado =)
And I'd go for the pairing CeltyxShinra <3

Favorite characterS Izaya and Shizuo!!XD
And Celty!!! XD
Favorite pairing:Shizaya,ShinraxCelty
Favorite durarara scene: Izaya's new hobby!!

Revival bump. Since I'm here. Haha.

Oh, fill in the blanks?

My favorite BOOBS in Durarara are Anri's.

My fave char is mikado,but seeing whisperedthreats avatar causes me a runny nose.hha such a cheater
best scene?
Whn mikado starts typing in front of his compy as if telling he's the leader of dollars.
Ou n i like kida whn he complimenting mikado.saying tht mikado is a great observer

my favourite characters in Durarara are Shizuo, Celty and Kida.

I almost cried when the Saika troll said she wants to kill Shizuo Q ^ Q

My favorite Durarara character is Yamasaki ^^ Otaku~ness FTW!!

I also like Karisawa, cuz she makes a good pairing with Yumacchi :3

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