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[HELP CANCER RESEARCH] Colorless Folding@Home (Thread) - Page 8

@Hakuto MUHAHAHAHA!!! xD
But it's not like I have 7 clients running all the time. =P It's more like when I'm hardly doing anything or my pc is idling AND I don't forget to turn more on. lol

I finally downloaded the program and it is currently running.
Also I joined the team :D


Aaand BUMP!

By the way, good job @Issaor ! (even if it's by cheating :) )

@Akidzuki Why is it cheating? ;P hehe.. only using full cpu power when doing nothing! =D
But I'm glad to be able to help!!

Here is a little update:

Btw @Issaor , if you want to use full CPU power, why don't you use high performance clients?

Aaaand BUMP!

Bumping this, great project and easy to do!

This should have been bumped days ago so I could have noticed this earlier!So participating.

My God... Bumping AND a new participant?! Now that's what I call a revival! :D You made my day! ^^

Lol the a folded ones that I already finished are saved correct?Because I have a laptop and I turn it off every night to keep from overheating.

This is pretty cool haha. It's not very difficult to do either :D I'm definitely going to try to do this everyday!

Oh wow this is still here :] Hi guys!

So we're almost in the top 1% folding groups...go team?

I'd like to see us break into the top 2000 some time soon. I just remembered that this exists, so I'll be setting my computer back up for the cause!

We made it! We've broken into the top 2000! (I know it didn't happen today, but I just noticed it)

wow i'll help too! ima try to download it on my ps3 but sometime today because the ps3 is in my brothers room o-o

I think this is a wonderful idea, I'm glad to see that people are modeling themselves after the selfless acts of the dollars :)

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