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[Project] Durarara Light Novel Translated! In English! (Thread)

I just thought I should repost it. You know. But I've already translated one third of chapter 5. Not sure if you guys still wanna read the light novel even after all this time, but the link's here:

Yeah I still know about anni_fiesta. Spread it around in the many other forums you guys frequent lol. I hope you'll enjoy my translations. And I hope to enlist a beta...or at least a grammar Nazi. LOL

P.S If you wanna help me with the translations, tell me too! I'm translating from Chinese to English. I assure you the translations won't be too off!

Ok... You better translate vol.8.... I want to read all of it...

hehe... Thanks really.... Gonna read it later,

Bump. Yeah whatever LOL.

Oh.. good job whisperedthreats! Though I really think you should help or make a collab with anni_fiesta.. since she/he's the latest, IMO ^^ I'll read this after Index~

awesome job :D

i love youu ~~

I want Chinese to English translators already! huhuhu.... lol. Just excited for 8.

Bumpity bump~ @RMTanakaTaro: I think anni_fiesta's going to get to 8 before I do. I'm incredibly busy these days so I might not be able to translate as fast. Sorry.

Oh wow this is cool!!

Awesome job in there!

Are you doing it alone?
Coz that will be a major toughie!!



I keep bumping. No one's Well anywho, chapter 5 part 2 of book 1 is up

I'm listening (:
I check every day to see if you've updated xD

want a visual novel though

BUMP. It'd be nice if someone commented on the translations though. Hm. I need some encouragement. LOL.

I'm going to cry from these bumps.

I really like what you're doing; I mean I want to totally read all the translated volumes of DRRR <3

So, yeah. :D

bumpp. Thanks all!! I hope you'll be able to comment more though. Hee.

Another fruitless bump. Well, the last part of chapter 5 is up. So it's actually done. I'm moving on to chapter 6

Bump. Sigh. Please give me some signal of your presence!! LOL. Like maybe comment on my livejournal?

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