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[Project] Durarara Light Novel Translated! In English! (Thread) - Page 3

LOL! I will. I like girls too XD

I really would like to read the novel
I don't know Chinese so I can't help you ugh!
But I know how hard is translating
so thank you for your hard work


Well BUMP, aaaaand chapter 9 is up :)

Thank you so much~
I've wanted to read the novels for so long now~


Yoohoo~ finally chapter 10 is done. I'll most likely be taking a break because of exams so yeah...

good luck!

Um if anyone's interested, I've started translating the Last Chapter of the first vol. It's on my LJ. And BUMP.

Haha woohoo. Well either way, I've started on vol 2 already. Sorry for the wait ^^

Hey!!! I've been reading Durarara!! Light Novel from your journal!!!
Thanks a lot for translating~~~ hugs

Volume 9 is pretty awesome so far! 0_o Poor Izaya got captured and beaten though. T_T

It's for me to not beg you to just skip to volume 8, cause anni seems like shes skipping that one. But this is better. there are some moment in these chapter I'm sad the anime skipped over, I have to say. Seiji and Kida fistbump, Kida needing to be restrained from offering himself electable for class representative, of a class he's not in, Kida whole speech to pervert teacher. Is my chapter bias showing?

I finished vol 6 but I can't find volume 7. Not even on Anni's. :(

are u the one who's translating the durarara light novel?
if so, is it alright if i edit it a bit?
im sorry but im jst a huge perfectionist
im also aspiring to be an anime dub scriptwriter, so i thought this might help me out...

you make me happy...

I couldn't find the rest of her translations after the download link for Vol. 6's Epilogue and next prologue. Does anyone have translated versions from Vol. 5 onwards? I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a copy of the translations. ^^ Thank you!

When will you be posting the rest of volume 2?

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