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Colorless Pets (Thread)

Easy - post a picture of your pet and their names. Spread the cuteness

My dog's name is Lucas :D

this. THIS.

name : Pedobear aka Roy Harms

Ryuugamine your dog is super cute ^-^

lol Kairna-kun also has a Pedobear.. waiting for a post of it^^

If Ryuugamine lived near, I would visit Lucas everyday^^

This is the morning dove that visits me every day, his/her name is Brandon.

Okay I actually have pets I just don't have any pictures on me but

be sure when I get to my desktop you will be spammed with them.

I look forward to it XD btw here is my baby Reno

Kairna-kun's Pedobear^^

You mean this?

A real pet :3 Ikay :3

Her name's April, a Cairn Terrier. : )

@Kairna-kun yupz! exactly haha

My Neko Yunnie-tan!!

my Neko Pumpkin.

everyone's pet is cute :D

i don't have a pic of my pets in my laptap yet

My kitten Sugar
(needs to find a pic of Spice)

Too bad, my pet cat died in heat stroke T.T

Outdated picture, but this is my little biatch, Midori! This was taken...about a few days after we got her a year ago. She's all grown up now and I wanna kick her in the mouth! <3 :D


My dog is black and my couch is black. So the pictures I took didn't really show him. >:U

Ahh heres my dog too, buddy.

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