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[Life] Life is Good (Thread)

Name one good thing that happened today. And then, come back tomorrow and put another good thing (if you want). <:

Today, I came up with a awesome idea for a webcomic that I plan on starting when summer break starts.

I skipped school yesterday and played xbox with my friend instead, and I got away with it today :P

I got delicious coke from n0ah.

I got a picture of Dallas Winston ♥

finished my AP English test and now i'm test free for the next 3-weeks!


one good thing ...

my painful headache(that was torturing me from the very start of the morning) finally stopped

A smiling cyan.

Cyan doesn't smile to often these days......

Yumina hugged me several times! <3


I skipped school yesterday and today and the only thing I did was chatting XD

I have no class today and tomorrow is my last day. Freedom for the rest of the spring/summer!

I hugged Kitsune several times! <3


I thought I was never going to get into chat (null error) yesterday, and then I got in, yay.

My book came in the mail today :)

i took pictures of my friends before we leave school for good :3

I have a day off tomorrow!

And I can laugh at the nagging, unlucky people at \"life is bad\" :D

although I have my days too >.>



My best friend irl called me up :)

eating bread with home-made pineapple jam :D yum

I did something social today. I'm proud of myself.

Excuse me while I go de-stress.

I hugged pockymahou~ XD

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