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What is your favorite band~? (Thread)

Whats everyone's favorite band?
Could be more then one favorite too~!

Mine is KoRn, A thousand Ashes, and Against Me! for now but I change my favs a lot~!

The Strokes (always #1 for me), Hanson, Oasis, LCD Soundsystem, The Ting Tings, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, T.M Revolution, Abingdon Boys School, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, FLOW, UVERworld, Back-on, and more. I probably have a list that's well over 100 ^^" of bands I equally like...

Dir En Grey, D'espairsray, Exist Trace, and MUCC

I switch favorites a lot too ^^;

Hmm. D':

In Fear and Faith, Epik High, Escape the Fate, ONE OK ROCK, Big Bang, GReeeeN, The Back

I can't think of any more. ;_;

looks like everyone changes their favorites bands a lot~!

uhh I don't hear english anymore at all my favorite band now is Jap Nightmare

To name just a few

Jimmy Eat World, REM, Pink Floyd, The Pillows, JAM Project, and UVERworld.

@mykuro your just like Yuki009 all his favorite bands are Japanese.

This! Funkist!!!!!

Muse, Linkin Park, Trading Yesterday and here are my favorite songs from each of them :)

@TaintedMind I stopped hearing english music in 2006 all the new bands where just-_-

@mykuro Ahhhh u should try english bands again

@mykurobutler - You just need to look harder. Try Pandora and add some of your old favorites to a station. I still find some new bands from my stations.

@TaintedMind I'm extremly picky with it comes to music people think I'm a "rocker"and I tell them I don't even hear english music they think I'm weired


Beck-on, Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, RED, The Offspring and there are tones of more but am lazy to write them all :P

@zuroko GOOD TASTE :D
Mine are Muse, Green Day and Radiohead =3=

Me have to go with Linkin Park and UVERworld 8D

DragonForce, Galneryus, coldrain, abingdon boys school, Paramore, The All-American Rejects, Coheed and Cambria, and many others. i have a rather diverse taste for music.

Definitely gotta go with Apocalyptica. Best band out there!

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