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What is your favorite band~? (Thread) - Page 7

Sondre Lerche, Kayo Dot, Boris, Barcelona, and The White Stripes seem to be good for me now.

@anotherunknownhuman You have a point, I love Deftones lol.

metallica :)

The Doors, you have to have the classics!

mine are egypt central, green day, korn, slipknot, three days grace, skillet, and coldplay :D

my favorite band is 2ne1! loove them its a k-pop band

hmm... nevermind i love 2ne1 but paramore is my all time favorite haley williams is like my idol

My fav bands will be The GazettE, SID, UVERworld and LM.C
I like major rock band but recently I am fond of visual kei band.. JPop and JRock~!!!

My favorite all time artist is Linkin Park.

Nobody kill me, but... THE JONAS BROTHERS! I'm a fourteen year old girl. I have rights. Teehee~ but i like pretty mauch every other band the same. 30 seconds to mars, Coldplay, Paramore, Jessie J, 360, Tao Cruiz, ABBA, Adam Lambert, you name it its mostly good to me.

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