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pictures,videos or what ever, that will make you go

and much more :D

post it here :D

warning : Viewer discretion is adviced,
this thread is for entertainment purposes only.
offensive things here are not intended, we just find it something fu**ed up

who the hell is that ?

is that u manong?
stares at manong

hahahaaa of course not. . .XD

look at the advertisements letters or alphabets or whatever the hell they call taht. . .

Takoluka? 8D

didn't wtf once.. D:
yoshis is quite funny

i think thats sebastian . . . .the smiling one . . .

anyways. .

@yoshiya what have u done to (insert vocaloid's name here) ?

@manong u sure ur not that guy only

@loki i don't do alcohol . .(hypocrisy) anyways I'm 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% sure i'm not that dood

the first pic : WIN

the first pic : WIN

@manong awryt :D then who is that?
i know that second pic hahahaha

how about this?

@loki some guy. . . xD

damn that sucks

u just r**ed my eyes boi!!!!

so . . ..reaction? XD

kills self

:D :D

ok, that pic totally "WTF"-me xD if thats even a word. Seriously? Hairy Boobs? you can use that as weapons xD Ive been blinded xD


(Warning: Kind-of nsfw)

(Sorry, I know it's pictures only... If you want me to remove it, I will ^^)

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