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Anime or Manga ? (Thread)

Which one do you prefer? Anime or Manga? I personally prefer Manga or Anime....

Agreed, I like manga because it's easier to obtain and is less time consuming than anime. There are somethings that manga can do that anime still can't (ie; tell a good story etc).

I like anime, but manga takes the cake.

i prefer manga sometimes but id like to see the an anime version of it too! usually i watch the anime then if it like stops halfway or somthing like that i just go on and read the manga depending if they changed up the story in the anime and all like a few do. :3

Both, for spoilers. :D

I prefer manga over anime because manga follows the author/mangaka's intentions more closely. Anime always add fillers and/or have their own twists to the plot. They usually leave out a large amount of details due to time constraint. Another reason is that manga is less time-consuming and allows me to multi-task more easily.

Manga.... Only because it's the \"true\" storyline

You guys can't do anything if the \"thing\" is made for Anime and only Anime :D (i wonder who understands me..)

@kenshn111 LOL I do!!!! People tell me that. A lot.

@Momimochi LOL!

Manga, since there's some scenes that weren't put in the anime

but Anime is good too i love the graphics

ahh i don't want to choose they're both good :D

i like them both XD

There are some animes that are MUCH better than the manga, like Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei and Durarara IMO.

Besides that, yes manga tends to be better. Air Gear is an example of this. The anime was horrifying but the manga is epic...

I like the anime because it has the actual voices of the characters, plus it's colored in. And manga that has songs in it you can listen to in the anime instead of imagining some type of beat in head. But manga does focus more on storyline, and is usually longer then the anime. Yet some anime, like Code Geass, I think was more of an anime that was made to be anime, not having a manga like other anime. So I guess they're pretty much equal; balancing each other out.

(_ _ ; ) This came out longer then I expected it to.

In general, I prefer manga over anime, though recently I have been getting into anime. The anime I like, besides Durarara, are usually primarily made as anime, like Samurai Champloo. I also really love Time of Eve, which has no manga. For the other series I like, I tend to enjoy the manga version the best.

Both. It really just depends on the story telling and art. But mostly the art 8D;

@Haikku Art is a important factor of Manga... even though many, MANY people disagrees with me...

@Momimochi I guess?

The art would get me going through the manga for about two chapters if the plotline sucks. Otherwise its not worth my time. Nice art is nice, but if the story can't support itself I really don't want to read it.

Both :D

Though I watch anime more than reading manga 'cause I like animated ^^


i agree...

When it comes to action genres, i do prefer anime. Other than that I like the manga more because I like the story and some scenes are being deleted when it is being animated. Though, I prefer watching anime since mangas are too long :)

I like manga over anime but there are still some perks to watching animes. There are no fillers in manga, but the plots are way cleaner than animes could be.

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