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Cosplay! (Thread)

Your favourite Durarara cosplay! It can be a picture of your cosplay, a story, or just a radom picture from the internet! But hey! Who cares what it is? As long as it's Durarara I think we'll like it. XD
(No rude photos though)


woooww izaaayaaa kuuunnn!!!!! hahahaha did izaya notice thatman behind :D

My Shizuo cosplay. :)

Man, I want to cosplay Shizuo, but I'm too short. =w=

wow bjmac that's awesome
u just look like him!!

This picture is the best. Nuff said.

@Momi -
I love that last picture. <3


Omg i want the Celty Helmet. ~////~

Me'n my waifu :D

:'o So many amazing cosplays...

i kinda wanna cry coz of their awesomeness...

Hahaha lol ... I got posted by someone else above, geeeeze :D
Have some Kida, Mikado and Anri:
(It's my friends and me ^.^)

if someone dressed herself as cinderella, could that still be considered as cosplaying ? :(

@pat -
Well, I suppose.

Woow,all the cosplays are amazing!!!!! Really all of them!!:D
And @Bjmac I really have to admit this is the best Shizuo cosplay ever!!!


Half the people here stalked your deviant account... 8D

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