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Your IRL Picture (Thread)

Post here you moe and GAR real life pictures here, guys!

Posting again, i would much rather look like Lucille tho

Once again, I am NOT posting my bikini pic.

Oh, how I love my heterochromia~ X3


Yes, I am that handsome.

Here's me.

Well...this time I`ll show you mah face,too >DDDD

taken by my bff!

Pwetty girls! \0/

Why hello there pretty ladies~

Shoo, かおる, I'm the only one allowed to be a perv here :3

more like a stalker....

rofl :P

I'm the perv here, Extrange is the stalker :D

EDIT: YEY FOR EDIT BUTTON!!!!! *happy dance*

Where is my and Kii's harem? :3

Still no bikini pic?!? Damn......

I love my picture. A cross between thing and ichabod crane.

You'll soon come to find that I can be quite the perv. 8D

YEY!! My pic's gone~! haha. aaanyways~

Discourteously & Fay; PREETTTY~~!!! *saves* XP

@touya-kun; lmao. it's a new harem dear brother.. a new harem.. *says while looking out the vast ocean in sundown*

Hutch-san, GAAAR XP nice hat btw.

Mii again ;D

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