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[Atlus] Catherine PS3/360 (Thread)

Atlus is taking that long awaited step into HD with the new multiplatform title Catherine. Catherine is an adult action adventure game with a horror taste.

  • Vincent’s Japanese voice will be provided by Koichi Yamada (Cowboy Bebop’s Spike)
  • Catherine will be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro (Durarara!!‘s Celty and Bakemonogatari’s Kanbaru)

like what im seeing already,cant wait for more info

New pics:



Meet Vincent's Friends

Tobias, also known as Toby, is a 23-year-old used car salesman who works with Johnny (see below). He's a regular at the bar. He has strong desires to get married, saying that the moment he gets a girlfriend he'll marry her. He has a thing for elderly women and has crush on the bar's waitress.

Orlando is a 32-year-old software engineer, long time friend of Vincent, and also a regular at the bar. He's carefree in both is words and actions, and doesn't seem too fond of the idea of marriage. He advices a worried Vincent against marriage.

Jonathan, also known as Johnny, is a 32-year-old used car salesman. He's Vincent and Orlando's old friend, a bachelor, and also a regular at the bar. He works at his father's used car lot and plans on continuing with the family business. He has high ideals with regards to marriage, stating that he believes marriage should be with your destined partner.

OH YES: NEED A PS3. (already known about thta, but still. shin megami tensei team is usually awesome. and a horror game named catherine.. need this.

the game seems interesting.... i want to play it now.... although i wonder why there are sheep...

I wondered what Atlus was working on. Always look forward to a new game from them, especially if it contains demon sheep and bewbs.

dunno.. but hey, its a nightmare so why not.. shin megami tensei team usually uses lots of metaphers, maybe the sheep symbolize the victims.. like "sacrificial lambs".. plus, its a nightmare (literally. the main car vincent gets stalked by a nympho named catherine in his nightmares.)

eh i dont think he see's Catherine in his nightmares well with what we know at least

Just watched the trailer and that was a ram, in a tie!! It's a must buy if they have business rams in it.
Also, I'm sure that his t-shirt says rape, but has a heart covering it =p

And why is server-tan in this game?

o shit it is server-tan she's evolving lol

i've seen him in p3p~! in the club

he's apparently cheating on some chick~!

no, they talked about it in an interwiew, its like i sayed. he gets stalked by her in his nightmares. the fights will also take place in that nightmare world.

@break really got a link cause i haven't read anything about that

@Joshpheus6 seems he found out his ex-girlfriend (the girl at the end of the trailer?) was pregnant and got back with her but then comes Catherine or something like that

looks nice.... but I was really looking forward to Persona 5 rather than a new title. . .

@NoL well they say this game is partly like "practice" for persona 5.

^ Catherine is already 80% complete and they are already working on another title wonder which game it will be

@break really? Well, I'm still getting this game even though it's not P5. I just hope the gameplay is good.

Catherine looks so suspicious. I'll never be able to trust her.
I'll keep thinking she's a nymphomaniac vengeful spirit or a Joro-Gumo or something. DX
Especially with that pizza-eating fanservice page I saw before.

@pocketwatch didnt i already tell you all she is a nympho that haunts vincent, the main char, in his dreams.
@saikasan and i already told it will most likely be persona 5.

pssh break we shall see who is right =P

@break Well, ja, but there has to be more than "creeper who creeps on the main character in his dreams and wants to sleep with him", you know?
I bet there'll be some really weird twist(s), and then everyone who thought she was hot will be like "Aw, hell naw!"

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