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[Atlus] Catherine PS3/360 (Thread) - Page 16

anyone here cleared the AxisMundi in Babel THAT SHIT IS DAMN HARD
i just beat the Altar

@senkono i think your thinking of something different, catherine just came out last month, unless you got the jap vr or something.

@Selef: No, I'm not thinking of something different; I did indeed play the Japanese version. It's one of the benefits to being fluent in Japanese. If you check the Japanese release date, you'll see that it was released in February. ( ̄ー ̄)

WANT TO READ THE SPOILER THREAD SO MUCH... ... must resist urge to... ... so badly... must.. GHN!!

@Senkono you are making me seriously jealous here xD

@senkono yea i did which is why i asked if you got the jap version, and lucky T_T

PS3 versions are sold out everywhere here still. It's pretty crazy.

i got this game a few weeks ago, its like demons souls, frustrating as hell, but still fun.

also i <3 the bartender, hes a badass

I just got the deluxe thing for this game yeterday for my Birthday! It came with an art book,music, Vincent's boxers, a shirt, and a pillowcase with Catherine on it!

oh....but i don't have an Xbox yet...... ;A;

Im on the fifth day so far, been quite good game, didnt excpect much from it, but being really enjoying playing it.

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