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False Hope (Thread)

Ever gotten your hopes up to the point where you think you're going to get something, but in an instant it gets crushed leaving you heart-broken?

"We've been warned againist offering the people of this nation false hope.
But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope."
-- Barack Obama

This quote sticks with me so I though I'd share it~
Keep your chin up OuO

many many times. i always do plans and sometimes they got crushed because if you make plans as much as i do they got crushed more easily
call me keikaku

Yeah. That happens very often to me.

Okay, Keikaku.

Hope is like reaching out for the impossible for me...and I am not proud of thinking that way.

Well let me ask something.
A girl tells you she likes you at the end of the school year, but during the 2 months of summer she goes out with a some guy. Once summer ends she breaks up with the guy. Returning back to school, she starts texting you and having fun with you (like poking each other, or just messing around with you playfully). But when you ask her who she likes after leading you on, she says someone else. (So there's the random guy over the summer, me, and the new guy she likes)
How would you feel about it?

I already know how it feels...except for the part when she tells you that she likes you. And as I said before, hope is like a empty promise to me. Thats why instead of hoping, I strive to act instead.

But most of the time, you act because you have hope that it'll work.

Nope, but it can be the reason why people act. I do not act because I have hopes that it will work but instead I act because I want to. I may not benefit from my actions but I will be satisfied knowing that I did something just because I can.

So jealous you can do that daikon, i always imagine myself doing something before i do it, but i can't get myself to act in real life

I think we all have experienced this at least once. Me I keep my expectations low that way I wont be disappointed lol kind of depressing but I'm a realist.

@Zangkin in reality, they want you to believe that you can or cannot do something. The truth is that anything is possible so you should just "do" it without worrying about the consequences. The only thing holding you back is fear (which you can control).

probably one of my favorite lines from a song that i love is "And thats fine, shit happens, All the trouble makes a better storyline"

@Zangkin hmm i know how you feel but with an entirely different scenario but i do have one question. If you liked her (which i am guessing you did) and she told you that she liked you why didn't you do anything about it?

hm...i guess i did experience that before..i can't remember though...*scratches head

happened alot of times with me but works out in the end

I'm so tired of that happening to me. Always a girl either leads me on and then destroys me or ends up choising someone else for no real reason.

I really don't know, maybe i was nervous about how it would affect our relationship. She was a friend and if she rejects me, wouldn't it totally change everything?

To many times...

@Zangkin i guess so but if she told you that she liked you why would she have rejected you?

I do understand the change in a friendship though,but it depends on the people. I have had a friend confess to me and even though i rejected her (politely) we are still pretty good friends.

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