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Duck God(DSP) VS Cat God(Ryoki) (Thread) - Page 2

PARADOX~ Well, i've been known to be both.

When you said that it reminded me of Gamzee from MSPA.
I support ducks! :D

I support DSP too! without him, i can't eat any duck meat :) you are very delish DSP :)
and how do i eat cats?

Ryoki you always bully me before D:

And I love ducks because they're cute so i choose DSP :D

uses two ducks as pom-poms

GO GO DSP-sama! ^_^

@shiro nooo poor ducks!
Shiro-mama don't use the ducks as pom-poms DX

oh dear we cats have a feast in front of us summons 50 kittens bring it!

pats Soraaa-daughter

its ok, they only get a little dizzy that's all ^_^

I love the both of you so I am highly biased. ._.

dsp ftw

i love you too yumi! and 1dollar i cant believe you cries

enough said

<<--- doesn't know who to vote :D

It's okay @Loki I don't know either.

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