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[GANG] YellowS - Kida Masaomi tread (Thread) - Page 116

can I join?

Can i join? KIDA FOR LIFE!!!!xD

sweet looks like theres going to be a few new members. Hey @chris u don't seem to talk on here all that much just when adding people. whats up with that?

@cj3366 oh dang, i would be too

I wanna join!!! I wanna join!!!

@cj3366 hehe well im not much of a talker, that y

cool i get that(^_^)

hey @chris do we have a gang sign yet becouse i have a simple but good one well i have two but there almost the same


who wants to help me come up with the yellowS gang sign heres two of mine one is just the peace sign the second is a peace sign put over your hart to make it lower case and we put are that hand over our harts to rep your allegiants to the yellow scarves if any one has any better signs or if you think my sign is good enough tell me(^_^)

ya cool

@cj3366 can i take look at ur log that u made?

@chris what log?


well um i know i should know how but i don't know how to or videos for that matter

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