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Maple Story (Thread)

If you play Maple Story i know i do. i was just wondering if anyone wanted to post there names lvls and world they live in.
World: Galacia
Name: AgesBlader
Class: -.- Blader
Level: 84 times i play are Australian

I stopped playing a year ago, sadly. :(

Ah, its been a while since I played. I'm getting older and as fun as this game was, I find that its a bit too childish for me now :(

ahh i played it 6 years ago oO yah

I played it 5 years ago. If I'm not mistaken was a lv31 crossbow man before I stopped playing. XP

I love maple story its awesome I was a I/L mage it was awesome but my computer I downloaded it off of got a virus and I can't download it on this one ):

I might give it another try some time, hopefully I don't lose my internet in the next couple days.

i got a mage there. :D
and i have a sound track of elinia town on my phone :p
i just love how the piano sounds

I stopped playing 2 years ago...
Thanks to Maple Story I met Audition when it was under Nexon... now Audition went to RedBana so I don't play Nexon games now...

i havent played in a couple years

i play it... hongkong and private servers... but then i stopped :P

if you play a private server tell me and i might play it :D!

btw did you know there is a maplestory for the iphone/itouch :D. pretty good! (and less grinding)

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