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[MUSIC] Relaxing Music/Tune/Songs (Thread)

So, post here some relaxing music/tune/songs/instrumental tunes/etc. you know, if possible post the video.....

Here are some music:
Sakura kiss (piano version) - Ouran High School Host Club

Alice - Himawari

To Zanarkand - FFX

Sen no yoru wo koete - Aqua Timez

Sky Chord - Tsuji Shion

Just Be Friends ~piano version~ covered by Yamai

Little Traveler covered by Clear (his voice itself is relaxing. xD)

From Y to Y covered by Kuripurin

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~

Why or Why Not

悲しき恋歌-何度別れても (Sad Love Story)

Get Backers OST- Makubex

R.I.P Nujabes - you are missed well by many

@saito - great post of the master

@LUNAticE I like your nico nico douga selections^^

@waterscape It was nice remembering the good ol' gaming and animes through music. Memories hehe

I miss GetBackers, Higurashi series, and the FF game series

@Kyrei Kudos to the thread.. I hope many more post in. I like listening to different kinds of music.

My music taste may be little different from everyone here (so bear with it & hope you like it)...

Epik High \"1 second 1 minute\"

Daishi Dance \"Home\"

Clazziquai \"Dance\"

FreeTEMPO \"Sky High\"

At Last \"Dream\"

My Soul, Your Beats - Angel Beats

Natsu Yuzora - Atari Kousuke - Natsume Yuujinchou

@Hikari thanks....XD


Gotta love Kalafina.

You have to admit it is soothing.

Tuts my barreh! Throw me on duh bay~

Kutzusure by Matsuda Ryouji - Black Cat ED

Aishiteru by Kourin - Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou ED

Tsukiakari by Rie Fu - Darker than Black ED

Aimo - Megumi Nakajima - Macross Frontier

Diamond Crevasse - May'n - Macross Frontier

@Reki -chan Go!! She picked out a few of the great ED themes from the epic anime out there!

@kyrei oh there's a similar theme coming from Macross \"Minmay\"

Like how I've mentioned earlier...

My music taste may be little different from everyone here

(so bear with me & hope you like it)

Reminiscing the past..

Tohoshinki \"Love in the Ice\"

Tohoshinki \"Why did I Fall in Love with You?\"

\"Always Keep the Faith\" -Cassiopeia

@HIkari LOL. I'm told that I have bad taste in music. Glad you like the selection though. :D

Why by Ayaka - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

The Light Before We Land by The Delgados - Gunslinger Girl

Owl City - Firefles

Ne-Yo - So You Can Cry

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