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COLORLESS IDOL -Accepting Participants- (Thread)

COLORLESS IDOL. Record yourself singing and then post it up here. Colorless members will then vote on who they think is the best. YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN ANY ROUND. If you didn't enter in round 1, you can still join the future rounds. Once you have submitted your singing, it will be featured directly under your name.

•No using the Vocaloid Program and passing it off as yourself. The Songs are okay to use though.

•If you say that you are going to join, then do it. We will not wait for you if we have enough participants already.

•If you cannot make it a Youtube video, you can upload it to Media-fire or another website. IT IS PERFECTLY FINE. If you do want it in Video format, contact me with the link to your singing and tell me what background picture you want. I will then post it up on Youtube , if you want.

•Last but not least, Just have fun. This is not anything completely serious. We just all want to have fun and sing.









Sounds fun!! Sign me up ;D

@n1xx .. OKAII!!!!:DD YOU CAN PICK ANY SONG YOU WANT~.. yesh I like caps:33


I'll try....but in one condition...I will be the first to be eliminated. Deal? :D

I'm trying out!~
I'll record a song later. :'D

In in as well!

@all who said they will try .. OKAII I AM UPDATING!!!8D

I really~ want to do this but I can't record (bad quality) with my laptop mic. Damn I wish I could be back at my house with my setup...

Anyway I think you should appoint some judges who are fair and unbiased to do the voting until, you know, maybe the last few rounds where the Colorless community will choose their favorite (like in American Idol). Just a suggestion.

I love you Mairu. <3 :D.

I'm not trying to be an overachiever by posting this fact the video is a practice video and not really complete..has mistakes and what not...but then my battery died...and I can't find my charger....

Plus you said not to take it too seriously so I was like screw it...I'm uploading...

-applauds loudly for Fieyr- o3o

lol I really wanna do this. I just want people to keep in mind that my mic has terrible audio options, so my voice sounds nothing like it will.

sign me up^^

Love your voice. Amazing like always. :'D

@TheDeathBartender .. hmm I see what you mean.. Wanna be a judge??:D

@Sudrrkj .. I LOVE YOU TOO!!<33 X3

-sign me up onegai~

@xuxarox .. UPDATED!!:D

@Fieyr piercing blue eyes :O and of course the same prettyful deep voice ^^


Thank you! Looking forward to your songs!

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