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Who is the most sexy man in anime? (Thread) - Page 4

Sebastian is darn sexy, I agrees!!! With glasses or not... _

Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuij


This will soon become Sebastian's thread as the sexiest man in anime! ^^ :D

Sebastian is not a demon.
He's a sex god.

Thus, a picture above of him raping Ciel.

Dino from KHR. <3
And Usui from Kaichou wa maid-sama. _
Gerard & Gray from Fairy Tail too... and Sasuke... <33_<33

Thanks for reminding!!

I already posted Usui back there... ^^

OKi i would say Sebastian, but it is already cleare that he will win so I am going to say my second place!
Guess who ^^

Our love --- Orihara! <3

I am an L fan. I really am. But this video convinced me that Light is the sexiest bitch on earth.

This video is INSANE!!! I was watching it with OoO face

the guy on the right-side with the black cape from 'pandora hearts'

lol. squalo, hibari , mukuro , and gokudera.XD i wanted to put dino too.XD

Yatta!!! ^^
Train Heartnet a.k.a Black Cat a.k.a. (ex) Number XIII
He's so damn love!

Train and Izaya. :D choose from...Dx

Here...are my favorites:


Sebastian Michaelis of course~<3

Schneizel li Britannia~<3




Aaaaand to answer the question of the thread...... SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS IS (and will be) THE SEXIEST MAN IN ANIME! ^3^ (since he got the most votes witch I didn't count)

Vampire Knights
Zero and Kaname

I won't listen to any arguing.



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