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Anyone up for some Hunger Games? (Thread)

All of the randomness about Hunger Games, whether you love it ( hooray!)or hate it (sigh...sob)...and any news about the beloved trilogy...Cheers!♥

May the odds be ever in your favor ;)

Love The Hunger Games-trilogy~!!<3 :D

Can't wait for the movie too~ hope it'll do the books justice!

CAN'T WAIT. I actually have pretty high hopes for the movie :) hopefully they don't get dashed/ smashed into the dirt. LOL

Love the books! SOOO MUCH. Met the author, too. She is awesome!

Le GASP they're making a movie?! I loved the books but DAMN! i really wanna watch it.
The ending got me though. i was hoping katniss would choose gale. it didn't come true...

A movie huh?... I'm sure people will be like "The book was way better >:(" when it comes out xD.

Hope its good!(Oh, and I loved the books.)

i loved the books!

I liked who they picked for the cast too.

Although, I'm not very sure about Hawkeye Pierce being the main antagonist Pres. Snow.

Loved the first two books, but the third book was just too boring. I didn't even finish it :(

I also really liked the first two books, especially the first one, but I got disappointed at the third one.

And then I read a page about it somewhere that pointed out Katniss all Mary suu elements. :| That did not make it better. . .

@patchoulikid Btw, took 335 days before someone replied. :P

I LOVE Hunger Games, and @Ookami-chan , you MET the author? That's awesome! I'm glad Katniss chose Peeta, I personally like him better than Gale. But I wish the person they chose for Gale was a little... younger. And shouldn't Katniss have brown hair? I always thought so. Anyway, I can't wait for the movie to come out. If there's a midnight showing, i will definitely be there.

@Britt both Katniss and Peeta's actors (or, for Katniss, actress) had to dye their hair. I read about them in Entertainment Weekly and I actually think the cast will fit pretty well, even if they're a little old for the characters :)

I hated the third book. I had a major crush on Gale, and thought Peeta was a total pussy. I really wish there wasn't the whole " OMG who is Katniss going to pick?" thing. Though, I do admit, Katniss doesn't deserve Gale, imo. He's too manry for a bitch like her.

I'm really worried about the movie, though. Everytime I read the book then watch the movie, I want to throw my seat at the screen.

@Dacae +1 about Gale being too manry for her.

Currently reading the first book now. Starting to really love the series.

But I REALLY didn't want Prim to die! That was horrible! (Sorry to anyone who hasn't read the 3rd one yet) :/

I love the series but I hate Mockingjay. Like @Decae, I had a major crush on Gale :"> Katniss still doesn't deserve him though.
I surprisingly have pretty high hopes for the movie, I love the casting. Jennifer Lawrence is a bawss btw.
Remember to put spoiler tags~

My favorite book was the second~ Although all 3 were so damn awesome..
I like the cast too - wasn't too sure at first, but Suzanne Collins said some pretty promising words about their acting, so I was really relieved~ :DD
I liked it that Katniss chose Peeta, actually~ (Cuz then, Gale is free to go around =u=)

@Ookami-chan omg, you met Suzanne Collins~?? Luckyy<3<3

Wow, I'm surprised. I really liked the third book. I think it resolved the series pretty well.

I expected a climactic ending with her shooting president Snow. However, looking back, I think this ending was better. Katniss didn't want to continue war or kill people. She wanted the oppression to stop, and to leave this mess behind. Coin starts to act like Snow once did, So Katniss prevents Coin from becoming the next Snow.

But the theme of the third book is "thinking for yourself". Everybody wants Katniss to work for them, do what they want. She has to overcome that and choose her own path.


Look'n pretty decent i suppose though I of course imagined district 12 to be much more dark and whatnot... Not that i have any real problems with this.

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