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Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Thread)

O_O I'm so scared right now :'D

"The last remaining memories fade away into darkness. Your mind is a mess and only a feeling of being hunted remains. You must escape.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a first person survival horror. A game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. An experience that will chill you to the core."

Watched the Gameplay-Trailer (There are no cutscenes in that game) and even though it's 8am and the sun's up already, I'm completely scared D:

How do you feel about it?
Would you play it? o_o

The gameplay was kinda weird - do you die in an instant when those 'things' get you? Usually you won't run away that much, also using the desk to barricade the door.. It's almost as if you're watching a video scene and not the gameplay. It looks intresting, and I might try it out (hope you will get a weapon or something else to defend yourself later in the game)

I'm sorry, but you won't get any weapons at all :'D

It's either to run and/or hide or get killed/meet your end.
But almost everything is usable in a way, like that desk.
Your lamp uses oil, so you can't use it at all times, you need to find over light sources etc.

It's purely about survival and horror, not about fighting back.

There are no cutscenes either; everything happens ingame, though triggered by certain events.

In certain situations, your mind starts acting weird as well, and your character will be on the brink of sanity...

You are helpless, scared and you will feel much more vulnerable than in Resident Evil or Silent Hill

Ah okay, never played that kind of game before.. that the guy you're playing freaks out every time there is some weird sound won't help to calm you down either :D

...that's exactly why I won't get to play it coughs

But the whole setting/plot seems to be based on The Outsider by H.P.Lovecraft, which makes me want to play it in a way...

I don't like this game o_o hides under quilt

doesn't look that scary (if played by 3 ppl^^)

reminds me of a game called "Hotel 626" where my cousin was playing some while ago. It was about some guy trapped in a haunted hotel n ya...0_0

I have this game, its definitely scary if you let yourself "get into it". I play with headphones in a dark room, and its fantastic.

;~~~; I'm scared of playing this game... I don't do well with games like this one! hides under bedsheet

This....looks like fun! 8D
runs out and buys game

Somebody that plays/played it might tell us about the story =p

I've played the game 5 minutes. I've almost pissed my pants. My laptop HDD died on the same day. IT'S NOT A COINCIDENCE!!!!!

My friend @shifter is playing the demo now.....I can't stop laughing because he is constantly screaming and shitting in his pants. XD

i nearly shit myself 0_o

oh there is a demo o - must get it

Yes, there's a demo...
which I'm not confident enough to play on my own OTL

Anyway, the creators did the Penumbra-Series before, so you might be interested in those 2 1/2 games as well - and yes, there are weapons |D

Yeah, I'll have my friend play this...
-w -

I'd shxt my pants.



...Looks for torrent of the game


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