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Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Thread) - Page 4

@evii-chii Finished playing the main story and Justine all thanks to my sister who made me do it.

atm checking custom stories which are made for Amnesia, trying to find the download link to this one

you should just skip to 6.15 when the real fun starts.

@Arachne Lmao looks fun XDDD Tell me if you find them :D

I've had this game for quite a while now, but I haven't played it in a long time. Why? Well...

playing game, so far I hadn't seen any monsters
exploring the castle, just chillin'
walk into a room w/ two doors in the same side (of the wall)
hear growling
look to the right
a monster walking back and forth
I'm at my computer, the lights are on and shit and I still go ASDFASDFHOLYSHATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
run into a room w/ candles and stuff and save & quit
heart still pounding fast as shit
decide to continue after about 15 minutes of calming down
run straight to where the monster was, but it's not there, so run further
hear growling somewhere near me again
run into nearest room, light candles and barricade the doors
still in that room
My little brother played it through twice. Crazy sunofabitch.

YEEE Amnesia is scarilyyyy awwwwwsooooomeeeeeeeee!!!! It has not the best graphics, it actually doesnt need them...the whole sound , image effects plus the terror of the monster coming and instant dying without being able to defend yourself makes it , if not the scariest, one of the most scariest games EVER! and made by Indipendent team which is good ;)

I find this video to be a very important addition to this thread.

3 words: the water part.

that game is scary as hell, although I do love watching other people's reaction on youtube. so funny!!!!



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