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[MUSIC]ActionTStrat's compositions! U shall see it! (Thread)

[UPDATE] new vid!

hey guyz! wazzup. My name is Strat.. or ActionT.... or ActionTStrat... or... just call me like u want... anyway.... I wanted you to listen my music.... I hope you'll like it.

yep this is it.... now I'm recording an album.... so I think it will be on Itunes too..
Fort more information subscribe to my channel u can also check the news 'bout the new album on twitter

So... yep..... comment my videos and just tell me if u like it!

is there anybody?

I'm here... ^^

Wow!! Did you compose it? That was an AWESOME play, ActionTStrat!! Do create one or more for Colorless desu

I suggest you add more details to ur thread title.. like "my cover/composition" or something.. and participate in myspace for ur music promotion!

All the best and luck to your career!!

edits: I hope u don't mind suggestions in ur composition.. but I really like your "dayafterday" track so I'm a little concerned!^^ hhmm so around 2:50 unless u plan on using a violin on that part (or it was one? lol)..
Anywayz, kinda make the tune go in much full lower sliding phase as u sway the tune on it.. lol i dunno what im saying now XD Nothing to say for "sixthsense" coz its perfect!!!^^

Anyhow, you should play more.....



@Strat WOAH O.O/! dat wahs A W E S O M E :D I really wasn't expecting that lol. You should make more ! I would luv 2 listen 2 em xD. Keep up the gewd work :]

@Hikari Rin ****so around 2:50 unless u plan on using a violin on that part (or it was one? lol)..****
nope.. it was a guitar technique that makes it sound like a violin but it's not...

****and participate in myspace for ur music promotion!*** I shall think 'bout that ^_^

@Hikari Rin
So... thanks u guyz! I appreciate it..
I think on this weekend I will record another composition. And just like u can see at my youtube channel on the right there is "The Time coming soon" I still working on this composition and I'm waiting for the official vid that my friend is making!
Subscribe and rate! thanks

asdaasd lol! lolling and spamming on my freaking dead thread! xD

LOL then I'll help it with a little..


@ActionTStrat there also another ongoing thread project for Angel Beats if you wanna join... alot are submitting in their compositions. lol gomen.. it feels like i've been saying alot of unreasonable stuff recently XD

Well post in the video when its out!! ^^

nice music :D

thank you guy!

oooooog you touch my tralalala!!! my ding ding dong!

Nice music! Few comments:

When I was listening to the first song (dayafterday), it seemed that at the start (before it launched into full epic rock), the tempo was ever so slightly jumpy (of course when the drum kicked in it held a rhythm, which solved this problem). Other than that, it was really cool!

Your music reminds me a bit of Mike Oldfield. He wrote Tubular Bells, which is this epically long instrumental (this is intended as a compliment!). You definitely have a unique style in composing music and it's very pleasant on the ear!

@Rider thanks! still working on the new song +_+

wrote a song.... called 'rain'..... made the video..... deleted all the vid data.... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

awesome songs!! and random question do write ever write music for lyrics? cause i hav tons of lyrics but i cant really play any instruments T_T

but anyway the songs are awesomeness ^^

@ashlx cause i hav tons of lyrics but i cant really play any instruments T_T
Let me hear how u sing....
and thanks!

Same as @ashlx said, I want to know if you write lyrics for the songs you've composed.

And the songs are nice.

@Boh, nop... I do not write lirycs for the songs at this moment 'cause I do an instrumental music. That means that there are only instruments.
P.S. I thought 'bout a song with lirycs... But I don't have the voice.
I've been searching a voice like this

'bout I didn't found anybody with voice like that... anyway if I found a good voice, I think I will do a song with lyrics!

Well, I don't know if I have a voice like that. People always tell me that my singing is nice, though.

ok! finished the song and the video.... tomorrow I'll upload it to youtube!
bb guyz!

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