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[MUSIC]ActionTStrat's compositions! U shall see it! (Thread) - Page 3

Here it is! Another vid. Not tha' EPIC EPIC vid. But, it real beautiful composition. :3 nyAAAA!

is there anybody?

Excelsior sound so freakin nice...I could listen to this before I go to sleep

@GMYui, thanks!

Just a new vid.... enjoy it

wow you can get realy far with thise !
do you make it all at yourselfe ?!

you can count me in as a fan to :3
btw how long do you play ?

I play guitar about 4 years. And, yep, I made it all by myself.
Appreciate that you really enjoyed my music. Thanks

Hey guyz!
How are u doin?
NEW VID HERE! Lady Gaga's cover!

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