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5 Centimeters Per Second (Thread)

Wow, just finished watching it. The movie was so sad and awesome at the same time. I was literally clutching my heart at the ending because it was so sad which is the reason why it made it so awesome. The movie also had an ending that would most likely happen, rather than the typical happy ending. Happy endings are fine too and I'd prefer them which is why I loved the recommended anime in the next paragraph.

If you end up watching this series and like it, I would recommend True Tears or Clannad along with the second season, Clannad After Story.

It's a movie... not a series... its a movie made up of short episodes.


I loved this movie so much X3

What @Momimochi said. But I agree. His works are amazing. The art even more so, 'specially those backgrounds!! /shakes fist

Try watching She and her cat. It's a 5 minute short by the same person. Here:


if you want this try reading sundome manga.
I remembered the feeling i got in this anime after reading that.
But it has perverted parts, you may not want it. But if you want to know the story, read it "till end", bcoz others judge it only at 1-3 vol. It has 8 vol. Btw.

there are many makoto shinkai works..

and all of them is great..

awesome graphics >__<

Best AMV ever.

Damn, I love that movie, is so awesome, also the girl who lept through time, and summer wars!

watched it
loved it
it left me speechelss

I just watched "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and "Summer Wars" last semester. It's awesome! (0o0)/

I tried to watch 5cm before, but I got a large file and my computer's card can't handle it... orz I'll have to try to get a slightly LQ version soon :/

It... i-it made me cry, I guess. Don't tell my friends. oAo

I didn't know there was a thread like this, I so love that movie. It's my favorite among my favorites. Aside from Ghibli films, it is the movie that marked my addiction/habit of watching Anime movies, reason why I got to watch, even in different genre, Summer Wars, Origin: Spirits of the past, Girl who Leapt through time, Place promised in our early days,... etc.

@Hika - though 4 months late, that's an amazing amv, I love how it follows the rhythm of the song.


I HATED THIS MOVIE! THE DUDES A DICKHEAD. tho it is a sad reality. but i got so pissed with the guy. if i was him i'd of taken the first girl ad lived happily ever after >_>
but the dumbass decided to live a sad life with no lover. i think his an idiot!.


I really don't think you got what the whole movie was about...

im just saying. wat i'd do if i was the main character :L
cuz i srsly didnt lyk the main character.

If you watch this, and The Girl That Leapt Through Time, and Summer Wars. Then you should watch Paprika.

@Xypoq - though I don't to whom do you direct your post, I've also watched Paprika... =)

OMG! thread revived? xD

yeah this movie ish good.. i pity the guy., akari is one of the female characters i really like.. she is so mature..

@AOA000 - I was directing it at everyone who said to watch those other films.

I'm trying to induce my gf into anime, I'm gonna sneak attack this film into her eyes next time we're bored.

gf: "I'm Bored"
me: "Oh hey, look at this random film I found that (probably) got great reviews and such. LETS WATCH IT!"
gf: "but"
me: "Too late, I already posted about it on twitter."

OMG All of Makoto Shinkai's works make me want to weep from the beauty, but I think my favorite of his was The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

Incidentally, did you know he's making another movie called Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below? It's being released this May in Japan and it's going to be longer than all his other works! Here's a spiffeh trailer so you can weep from beauty:

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