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Can anyone give me link to the song? I think the name is "Sakura" but I can't find one.

True Tears and Clannad were beautifully done. Their endings were very solid. The drama was also done correctly and there was no cliffhanger endings, which made it that much more satisfying.

However, 5 Centimeters per Second was a bit harsh I thought. It was beautiful at first. The show tries to get your hopes high and let's you fall basically.Throw the guy a bone I thought though. He suffered way too much and the end did not satisfy me. I hate bitter-sweet endings really. This was worse than Air I thought on sad ends, regardless if the main character at the end finally got over his past love.

Manga is completed.

Damn you, numbers, for telling me this. Finished reading it, I'm sad all over again.

Also, the manga is MUCH more in depth than the anime. The third part is further expanded, though emotionally speaking, that means it just makes things worse XD

I just got around watching this and I can't say that I'm not disappointed. I had quite high expectations but I was not moved. And I am the kind that get moved easily! . . .

After I watched this movie, I didn't cry. I spent the rest of the day acting sappy, staring off into space in the most dramatic way I could, and reciting touching quotes on Facebook.

I refused to go on a train after that (Amazing) film. I wouldn't say I was sad by the film. Just in deep thought that, that's what we do and don't even notice it. We move on and stuff. Who knows??? We could walk pass someone in the street who we went to school with and not even make eye contact. It's a weird kinda of sad, if you get me. But yes I can't wait to get the money to get it!

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