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Dubs are alright! (Thread)

Anime fans these days. I don't see why people love subs so strongly, and hate dubs. So I have a few things for your consideration.

Why focus on words at the bottom rather than the actual anime? I know people say they can see both, but you can't look at two things at once, it's a physical impossibility. You can see it via peripheral or read fast, but you still miss things either way.

Then you have the audio. With subtitles, the timing is thrown off completely. A surprising sentence is read quickly and the delivery ruined. Long, emotional sentences are reduced to quickly read pieces.

Third, the subtitles throw of the art. A lot of subbers are good about not having contrasting colors and keeping the aesthetically quality, however it does still cover up the anime itself. The balance is thrown off. It'd be like covering up part of a painting with it's description.

The only rational argument I've heard in support of subs that dubs do not have is quality of voice. We don't know Japanese, but we know a bad English voice actor when we hear one. However, there really aren't that many bad dubs these days. Some, but it's not like 5, 10, god forbid 20 years ago. It seems like fans don't like voice actors simply because they don't want to like the dub. They go in with the expectation of a bad voice actor and nitpick at the flaws. Or even worse, judge based on how close the voice actor sounds to the Japanese voice actor. Who says that their voice had it closer to the text than the English did?

Okay, end rant. Discuss the following, let me know your opinion on the matter.

Um...I find that there are some dubs that actually enhance the anime. (School Rumble ftw xD)

In my opinion I don't like dubs because most of the times they don't express the feelings in the character's voice or mess up the character. I do watch dubs sometimes though. Like when I'm tired of reading subs, want to do comparison or because I can't find a subbed version.
Well...either way I usually like subs better.

Most Dubs I have seen have horrible voice actors, it's just plain and simple. The only ones I could tolerate (that I remember) were Eureka 7, Haruhi (I think, it was so long ago), FMA, and Code Geass and Death Note. Out of those I think that Death Note and Eureka 7 were actually better than the subs...

THE SCHOOL RUMBLE DUB WAS THE BEST DUB EVAR!!! I even think it's better than the original~

I personally loved trigun's dub more than it's original. :p

And I bet I have others, but either way there's a lot of meaning that gets lost when japanese is translated into english.

And there are no curse words in japanese either. It irks me that english curse words are the only thing you can use as a replacement for them.

Alright, fair enough guys. A little disappointed that nobody strongly disagrees with me but whatever.

And yes, you lose some information when going from Japanese to English, but generally not much. It was common in the old days or with 4kids, but not much anymore.

As for dubs, there are a lot that I think were better with english, but I also accept a lot were better with Japanese. I'm not saying only one or the other, just not to blow off a dub before even hearing it. A lot of people do that, judge dubs too harshly and don't give them a fair chance. I showed a friend of mine the Soul Eater dub and he said it was really bad. However, if you listen, the voices fit really well. It's stuff like that which bothers me.

The reason I don't like dubs is mostly because the voice actors are crap. Just compare where the voice actors come from:
In Japan there are around one hundred and thirty voice-acting schools. Broadcast companies and talent agencies often have their own troupes of vocal actors. Magazines focusing specifically on seiyū are published in Japan, with Voice Animage being the most well known and longest running.

Now compare that to some english voice actors - not only aren't there that many, I also assume they are on a diffrent level.

To conclude it: I miss the compassion, something that makes the charakters more realistic, the screaming, the trembling of the voice,etc. What I get is usual some monoton sounding voice that only reads the text without connecting the the char or the feelings of it.

It totally depends,though. There are animes not suited for dubbing say, for example, Lucky Star? No one can capture Konata better than Aya herself.

But there are dubs I would love to watch in english. Baccano,Full Metal Alchemist and of course, Durarara.

I like dubs in selected anime but I prefer subs since you get to hear the voice of the original voice actor. If you're used to it, you will be able to read and watch the vid at the same time. that's how i am now.

DUBS SUCK THAT'S WHY WE LIKE SUBS. the voice actors just can't get the coolness the jap voice has

Well generally people regard dubs as bad because of the reputation thats been built up from when dubs first began. The image that english dubs are horrible compared to japanese dubs is kind of instilled in everyone's minds. That being said (sadly I can't disagree with you Vivo) some english dubs are fantastic and fit the anime better than the original.

Examples: Cowboy Bebop- The english dub was fantastic and fit the anime quite well for obvious reasons.

BECK- Absolutely great dub.

Trigun- Again seems more of a western feel which contributes to a compelling english dub.

Sorry I don't wanna go on rambling so I'll just end my post here.

I'm somewhat neutral on this. Some dubs are actually quite good. English dubs are alright, but the meaning's always changed and shit(quite understandable as to why, but yeah)
As for Subs... yeah, they're fast and all, but some of them just suck and are impossible to understand. The only ever good fansub groups are the ones that are the most unstable(lazy subbers, lack of members and such)
So yeah, I'm neutral on this.

I don't dislike dubs, since thats what got me into anime anyway.

-Gundam WIng, Yuyu Hakusho, Tenchi Muyo, Cowboy bebop, Dragonball Z, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Cyborg 00, Case Closed, Inuyasha, and way more.

As I got more into anime I found dubs lifeless in emotion. So I watch subs for the emotional connection to help relate more to a character I guess.

Yep thats why I go the sub-way(lol lame joke, but i am hungry now (=_=)

I agree with Kirn and Sushi. If I get the chance I always watch movies or read books in it's original language.

And for me anime and manga are just Japanese. That's the worst argument ever, I know. But they don't have the English or German feeling, even if they are set there. xD Just my opinion, but whatever.

Voice actors- the Japanese ones suit their characters so much that it's really difficult watching it in English with ill-fitting voices. There are some dubs that are OK, like the .hack//SIGN dub, because the voices fit the characters, but Ouran HSHC is an example of ill-fitting voice actors. Haruhi's voice is too feminine even in the first episode, which ruins the surprise (as does the back of the DVD cover!!!!! Stupid Funimation), Honey's voice isn't quite cute enough, Kyouya's is...a bit too posh, and Tamaki's is too rough (Vic Migogna I'm looking at you).

Alright, I see what you mean about the original language thing. I suppose I didn't consider that aspect earlier. When I watched Run Lola Run, I watched it in German with English subtitles. From watching so many subs, it wasn't that hard for me.

So to rephrase things, my goal is to rid the idea that all dubs are going to be bad. They have improved a lot recently, people just don't want to try them is all.

But whatever, thanks for discussing!

@sushi - Umm... I hate to break it too you but that's essentially what an arguument is. Two people giving reasons why their own point is right.

I will never watch a dub anime it feels to weired to me dub animes are edited to much that it doesn't make since

"A surprising sentence is read quickly and the delivery ruined. Long, emotional sentences are reduced to quickly read pieces."

Fansubbing is an art. The main goal for fansubbers is to present the flow conversation of the characters as coherent as possible through text. That is why you have timing, editing, quality checks, and a lot more stuff in fansubbing, or subbing in general. You have to respect them for doing such a hard task, and maybe troll those who fail at it.

The problem with dubbing is really not because voice actors entirely suck,. I think it is because it's also hard to express the original conversation in Japanese into other languages. For example, you will sometimes find some conversation to be lengthy and sometimes with that long boring tone. This is usually because the dubbers try as much as to follow how the mouth of the characters move and thereby they are trying their best not to break the flow of conversation.

And @Sushi does have a strong point. I think dubbing kills the essence of an Anime more than subbing. One good example are those Japanese puns that can only make good sense in Japanese. When it's dubbed, those jokes are usually distorted or even left out, and the original meaning of the pun is lost.

But this argument is, but dependent entirely on a person's preferences. None is better than the other, in a stricter sense.

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