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if the option is there, I'll watch dub over sub. I have yet to see an English dub that is so horrible that I have to switch languages. Japan isn't the utopia of awesome VA's that the sub fans seem to think it is. There are good VA's and bad VA's just like everywhere else (ex: Project ICE and Ikki Tousen horrible animes with horrible acting to boot). Sometimes you can't even tell a good performance from a bad one since you don't really know the language.

They don't even use heavy edit's anymore. The only time they do is when they air it on T.V. while the DVD release has little to no edits. but what pisses me off the most is when people say the English VA's don't respect the work. Say what you will about their acting or how they sound but don't say they disrespect their profession or the source material. Alot of them became fans through working on the dub. One VA, Crispin Freeman says he prefers his anime subtitled but chose to work on dubs because he realized that alot of western anime fans are introduced through the english version and he wanted to do what he can to make that transition as good as possible.

bottom line, the English dubs aren't as bad as the sub fans say they are. They just have ridiculously high expectations for the dub that they will almost always get disappointed and run back to their so called "perfect" Japanese dub and miss out on some real quality acting.

I don't like the dubs for some things (Hetalia), am okay with some (Air Gear), and think others were done very well (DRRR!). For those dubs I don't like, it's pretty much because I've gotten so used to their Japanese voice actors that in English, the voices just don't seem fitting. I'm not running around dissing them though. (Trying to match up English words that still stay pretty much the same with the original dialogue AND fit the movements of the character's mouth can't be all that easy.)
I see your point about the subs taking away from the anime, but sometimes the voices themselves are nicer to hear in Japanese. Other times it can be the other way around. Or both. Even so, if the anime is good, it doesn't matter so much.

It all comes down to the combination of translation and actors' capabilities to fit it in. Good dubs are good, there's no need to be hipster about it not being original.

That said, I watch either sub or raw, not because I think all dubs are bad, but because I'm trying to learn some Japanese.

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