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[PSP] Durarara!! 3-Way Stand off (In stores now!) (Thread)

Been waiting for the game for a LONG time~

Can't Wait to meet my lovely Mairu & Kururi :]

Game seems to be pretty much like 'Persona' in terms of 'Social Links' :D

This looks aaaaaawesome.
I never knew there was a DRRR game. D:

I want.

Awwww...Too bad I don't have a psp. D:

Want! I hope there will be a PC version or I'm gonna miss out on some awesome stuff!

So I'm guessing it's like a choose your own path game. Depending on who you befriend and what you say is what determines the outcome of the game and who you side with...?


Too bad this will probably never come out in english. :/

looks kinda boring..with all the talking n stuff..but stilll kinda cool at the same time!


If only I could read Japanese and understand it! (T^T) That game looks amazing! Me wants it! :3

If only, if only, I understood Japanese. D:


Can I date Izaya in this ? 8D

I would buy it if it was in english >__>'

Think I'll get it from play-asia.

Well you only play as a male protagonist.
However there might be some Izaya Bromance in the game, seeing as you have 'Friendship' Ranks :]

Some yaoi with Izaya sounds good to me ;)

...Izaya/YoshiYoshi bromance?

Me wanttt D:

But me need PSP first =A= Why are all the games that I want not on the consoles that I have?

Want D:

DAMMIT. I has no PSP. ;A;

Why oh why can't they release some awesome games like this on NDS? >.<!!!

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